I bet you’ve been feeling conflicted for a time now. You think you’ve met the ideal bisexual woman for you. You feel you and her have a connection but you don’t really know if it’s real or just in your head. And it’s scary in today’s world, most girls just want to be a bisexual when it suits them. They want to have the fun of it and experiment then move on in an instant. Messing with your feelings as though you never mattered. Just like Kelsey and Brooke #DearWhitePeople. I can’t imagine being a bisexual woman in a room filled with experimental wanna-be’s. 

But how do you know she’s bisexual or a lesbian and into you? How do you spot your perfect, sexy, and faithful bisexual woman? Or maybe, you’re not a bisexual but that didn’t stop you from getting weird sexual energy from your friend. But it’s so on the fence that you’re always left wondering if you imagined it half of the time. You’ve maybe hinted you’re straight but you’re not even sure she’s into you like that.

Well, regardless of your plight, don’t worry I’m your fairy godmother here to help. I’ll help you learn the secrets to uncovering a bisexual woman. In the end, you’ll also be able to uncover your confusing feelings about that “special someone”.

It’s in the gut
You can’t seem to be able to shake this off, she’s giving you all the green lights. You’ve felt her stroke your arm, she’s lingered while staring at your body and more often she’s acted funny even overprotective when you talk to other people especially girls. You don’t need a huge symbol plastered on a wall for you to spot a sign. A bisexual woman that finds you sexually attractive will always find a way to show it. Trust your instincts, if you feel like there are some undeniable signs that she’s been showing you then roll with it. Try laughing at her jokes, stroke her arm back, and give her what she’s giving off so she knows that you’re interested. The truth is that some people would easily hide behind a lie before they let anyone break their hearts. So, if she feels comfortable around you then she might straight up show you that she’s interested. But you don’t have to play it fast. The key is to know if she’s interested and not let her have her way easily. If she tries to kiss you and you’re not ready for that, then look away. And bingo, you now know she’s interested and after a proper date, you’ll be able to tell if she’s real or just experimenting. If you’re not interested simply state it, she’s a strong, beautiful, bisexual woman and not the Tasmanian devil. It’s going to ruin your friendship even more if you feel constantly confused and uncomfortable by her intentions.

She’s talked about it
Being bisexual or having bisexual feelings is rarely a secret these days. Just look at the long list of celebrities who have opened up to being bisexual. Even popular YouTuber, Lilly Singh, has openly confessed to being a bisexual woman. Maybe you had a really good girl’s night out and she opened up about her same sex sexual experience. Watch the tone she used to say it. Was she eager or was it just a thing of the past? If you’re planning on having a girl’s night out anytime soon, then that would be a good question to ask. You want to understand where she’s at so you can navigate what you’re going to do about it. But be careful, your tone shouldn’t be stern or grudgeful but calm and comforting. If you make her feel ashamed or embarrassed, that would tell badly on any form of relationship you hope to gain with her. It could also hurt her and push her into making bad decisions based on those feelings. You don’t want to cause someone that kind of pain. Especially someone who trusted you enough to be open to you. If you have questions, then be open to hearing the answers even if you’re not completely comfortable with them. If you can’t handle the answers, then please don’t ask.

She wants to spend all her time with you
It’s sweet when friends hang out but this isn’t some platonic type of meeting. She wants something but what could that be? Lol it’s not rocket science. Some people say reading a guy’s feeling for you is easier, but not really. It’s pretty much the same thing with very little exceptions. I mean think about those signs guys give off when they’re trying to woo you or a friend. It’s usually the same technique. It’s just your response is different. If she’s taking out so much of her time just to be with you to spend time talking, laying in bed. In fact, rarely a day goes by when she’s not with you. Whether in bed just lying or watching a movie together while her eyes linger on your face each time you smile. Don’t laugh at the idea of this instead, think about it. Has she shown any unusual sort of attention to you lately? Maybe she’s growing an interest. Also, maybe she’s just shy to tell you, respond to her in kind. Let her know how you are feeling or understand how it felt from your side of the table. 


She thinks you’re funny even when the jokes are terrible
I don’t think it gets any clearer than that. If she’s laughing at your poor rendition of a joke as though you were Kevin Hart, then girl… she likes you. You can NOT act clueless to these types of advances. These are just the simple things that keep us charged and filled with joyous attention. If she’s putting an extra effort to make you feel special, then you know. I mean does it really take much to tell someone they’re not funny. Well, let me answer that for you, It’s not that hard. All you need to do is say it. But laughing at a poor joke well that takes effort. So, you have to be observant. I advise even cracking a dry joke just to see what would happen. If she immediately jumps on it, cracking up like you just said the funniest thing ever said on the planet well then you know. Even the chicken joke your dad told you six years back would suffice. These are just the way people act when they try to show their interest. A bisexual woman falls under this tag too. It’s saying I think you’re something special without using the actual words. If you’re still a bit confused by it then think about this, would you laugh at a friend’s awful joke repeatedly? It’s probably a no because we tell our friends how horrible they are at something and that’s how it is. Except if you’re not a close friend to that person and so you feel it’s not your place. 

She’s a guy’s girl
Although, it’s not my favorite card to play but most times girls who are a little too masculine turn out to be bisexual. Now, this is not for every situation, but it does occur in some situations. Some girls give off that alpha male vibe because that’s the type of person they are and also because they’re well, you know. An easy way to spot these types is usually when they’re with a group of guys. Do they gawk at pretty girls? Or are they just supporting in the mutual silliness? Also, see if they flirt with women in general. This is clearer and more precise. If they are interested, they’ll start paying you a little more attention and you could just reciprocate and see where it goes. But be careful, you don’t want to give off the wrong vibe. So be sure that they are interested and not just in you but in women in general. Some people just enjoy dressing a certain way, and that’s just who they are and what they’re like. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are bisexual. Like I said before, a bisexual woman wouldn’t feel like she has anything to hide. Especially not in today’s society where people are growing to become more accepting of individual differences. So, keep your eyes wide open and you’ll be surprised by what you uncover.

She likes other girls
If she’s shown an interest in women as in more than most girls would then it could be a sign. Talking intimately about other girls often shows a deeper interest in said girls. But also, be observant, you don’t want to be the plaything to a player. F** girls exist too, and they’re just like the boys only worse. They would make you feel secure and trusting but would immediately leave and hop on the next woman they can find. So, remember why you’re observing them. Don’t let them sway or confuse you. If you discover that she is a f** girl, there is no need to throw a fit. Simply tell her that you’re not interested. If she denies being attracted to you, then it’s fine and now you know. But the knowledge is important.

Some of her exes are girls
If she has tried dating girls then she’s probably a bisexual woman, I mean duh. Most people who aren’t really bisexual but are just interested in the experiment wouldn’t go as far as accommodating a relationship. I mean what’s the point, so they can say they did it? A relationship shows signs of being serious. You could also ask her about those relationships and see the time frames. Was it a month? Was it for two months? These types of inquiries give you clarity on what happened in her past, how it affected who she is right now and so on. If she has little or practically nothing to say about her ex, then that’s a tricky spot. But a few more questions and you’ll probably be able to piece out what happened in her past. But remember the past as it is, a part of what happened before and not as a confirmation of the future. You have to remember why you started asking the questions in the first place so you don’t get sidetracked or confused by your own anxiety. People are peculiar and some relationships don’t work at all while others seem to flourish even when they’re with the same people with different spouses or partners.

She flirts with you
If she’s been flirting with you then stop taking it as a compliment and understand what’s happening. If you’re not ready for that then now is the time to speak up, so she knows where you’re at and you can both move on. Acting ignorant to something happening right in front of you is wrong. A bisexual woman that has an interest in you would let it show. If she’s telling you how cute you look in a dress and how she wishes she could take it off well then now you know. Determining if you want that or if you’re ready for that type of relationship is up to you. You also have to take your time in determining if it’s just physical or something more. You don’t want to feel heartbroken or hurt at the end of it. So, understanding the page you’re both in would set a clearer definition of what you both are to each other. 

She’s tried getting intimate
If she’s tried being intimate with you like she’s cuddles with you often or kisses you a lot on your cheek or otherwise then that might be your sign. But this is not always the case in some situations. Some girls are just friendly like that, but some situations are far different. Like for instance, if she intimately touches you in areas that need not be mentioned, I’m sure you’ll be able to decipher where you think that is. If she’s going that far with you, then you already know what she wants. If she hasn’t openly told you that she’s a bisexual, then you can tell by her action. Just because she’s a bisexual woman doesn’t mean she’s going to announce it to the world every chance she gets. Now, if you don’t want the attention she keeps giving you, then simply say so. Stop permitting intimate contact because that’ll just be leading her on for no reason.

She never forgets your special moments
If a bisexual woman is interested in you, then she’ll treasure what you treasure. It’s not easy to remember every special moment in someone else’s life. Especially with the increasing demands in our own individual lives. So, if she’s taking it to heart to remember every special moment for you then she might be falling for you. If a bisexual woman doesn’t flirt with you openly, then just observe her behavior. There’s a lot more to be seen there. It’s simply how it is. Encouraging this should be a great way for you to find out what she feels but don’t play with her emotions simply because you’re unsure of yours. 

Well, I hope you understand how to identify a bisexual woman when you see one. Remember, if all else fails, just be honest, confess what must be said and hear her response. It’s all about how you present your question or questions. Like I mentioned earlier, she’s not the Tasmanian devil. Being honest with her about your confusing emotions could lead to a new level of clarity. Never fear that it’ll ruin things between the both of you because if it does then it wasn’t worth it in the first place. Real friendships take time to build but they are incredibly hard to destroy. So, no she’s not going to storm off and leave. Just trust her, be calm, nice and ask. It’s just a question and being asked if you’re a bisexual woman is not an insult.
So don’t worry and good luck.

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