Linda shares how she fell in and out of love with a supposed helpmate, whom she met at 18. Her ambition was to go through University and do great things with her life.

He offered to see her through school, and even though he was much older, his 'genuine' interest in her career and growth won her.  

She thought she had found her soul-and-helpmate, but instead, he left her pregnant and ultimately alone to raise her child. 

A mummy's boy, he had no real voice of his own, as his mum's decisions were final. 

But against all odds, Linda found the strength and will to give her all to fend for her 4-month-old daughter. 

Her story will inspire you to keep pushing and never give up on life.

Take a listen.

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    Surviving Heartbreaks: How We Coped and Survived

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    surviving heartbreaks

    How We Coped and Survived