Are you wondering if a certain two people are having sex? Not like it’s any of your business, but if you are as curious as me sometimes and you want to make it your business, come on board as I share some powerful signs that can help you understand what is going on between those two.

Have you heard about a thing called body language? It is an important tool in satisfying your curiosity or clearing your doubts.

Body language is powerful, it can betray just about anyone, no matter how subtle or grown-up the two persons try to handle themselves.

Even when words are not spoken between these two people, there are still ways to figure out if they have been having sex or just had sex with each other.

The signs of physical intimacy between two persons can be spotted on just about any person if you observe with a watchful eye. Body language will tell you everything you need to know, even without spoken words.

16 Important Signs That Tell When Two People Are Having Sex

1) Physical Closeness
When two people are having sex, they tend to take every opportunity to get close to each other, it’s a sure sign that there is something strong going on between them. They tend to stay just a bit closer to each other physically than people who are just casual friends, acquaintances or pure business associates would, even when it’s not exactly a natural thing for that to be the case.

16 Important Signs That Tell When Two People Are Having Sex 1

You will simply get it. You won’t even need to look, they will just stand a little closer than normal, or he might pull up a chair behind her and rest his hands on the sides of her chair with her chair between his legs. These two could be thinking that they are being very careful, not to become obvious, but this sign is deep and significant. If you are trying to find out if two people are having sex, watch the distance the keep between each other and the distance they don’t keep.

Learning to understand body language overall is a great tool and skill. It will also help you in many other situations in life too.

2) You Look At Each Other All The Time
The first sign of two people having sex is in their eyes. The way they look at each other can reveal a lot of things. Sex is not just another exercise to keep fit, when two people are having sex, they unconsciously start developing strong chemistry for each other. The careless stares at each other are a tip-off when something more than casual friendship is going on. That stare lasts for a minute or two. These looks may be fleeting, literally half a second more than usual, but they’ll certainly be there if two people have done the deed. A glance will give you all the information you need in this case.

3) TheyTouch Just A Bit Too Often
We all playfully touch one another from time to time, but if you notice two people doing it more often, perhaps as they never did before, this is a sign that something is going on between the two of them. It is a surefire sign.  If you see these people touching each other, no matter how lightly, then there might be something there.

Like in high school, a guy especially,  with a new and exciting sexual partner tends not to be able to keep his hands off his new accomplishment.

Sometimes though, the touching will be a little subtle and these people may be finding little excuses to touch each other. But if it happens pretty frequently and the other person isn’t flinching in shock, then there is every possibility that it has been happening in the secret already.

Again, if they do not touch other people around them this exact way, then you can almost be sure that they have sexually intimate.

4) They Suddenly Become Very Protective Of One Another
Men have this protective instinct when they have had sex with someone, or when they feel something or someone belonging to them.  Women are no different, though in a less obvious way. This could sometimes, be mistaken as jealousy.

Observe when they easily interject in defense of the other person, even in their absence, start an open confrontation when someone is speaking about their partner in a poor manner that they don’t like. Before now, they will barely notice, but now that just can’t stand it.

If you have noticed them ‘sticking up’ for each other or become a little too edgy when someone else banters or flirts with their presumed partner, that might be a good pointer toward what is going on behind closed doors.

5) It Appears They Have A Special Language Peculiar to Just Two of Them
 Do they suddenly seem to have a new way of communicating? Like lowering their voices, because they think that can be perceived as being more attractive. Maybe a way of trying to sound more sensual or impressive.  The two of them may always have little secret non-spoken signs they often send to each other while in public situations. It could still be something as simple as a look or a joking language they come up with. You will know because it’s something that tends to come with physical intimacy and it’s different from anything you’ve seen from them before.

Others around them may not understand the signals, but you may notice them taking more interest in what the other one is saying. In a social gathering, they tend to split up to limit the possibility of people potentially asking about the nature of their relationship. However, they will often communicate nonverbally- with looks and eye contact.

6) Being Seen Together At Odd Times
If you are still wondering if two people are already having sex, seeing them together more often in unusual times, can be another major clue that things have gotten sexual between your two people.

When you see them together when or where they don’t have any reason to be, not should they be. If you spot them out all the time, together at very strange times or places, then chances are they are probably meeting up for something far more than the surface.

For example, you stumble into them at a convenience store at 11 pm, or you see them out together early in the morning, It could be a clear sign that they spent the night together. Depending on the exact circumstances this could be tantamount to being caught red-handed.

7) Smiling All The Time
A smile can be a big hint that two people are having sex already. Because sex is more than a feeling of physical attraction between two people. You will easily catch them trying their best to impress one another, they unconsciously go out of their way to try to make their partner smile and laugh.

16 Important Signs That Tell When Two People Are Having Sex 2

Oh, you cannot miss their silly smile! Have you been noticing them flash each other a big smile every time they talk to each other or just grin at each other every time they interact? That can be a sign of an unspoken deep sexual intimacy as it means that seeing this person makes them happy.

8) Pleasant  Silence
Believe it or not, silence can also be an indicator of something deep going on between two people. Have you observed them both very comfortably silent together? Or is there awkward energy instead? If the two people seem comfortable together, even in silence, then there is sex going on between them.

9) Sweetly Annoying Each Other
Have you noticed them pick on each other for no reason? They easily do so to provoke a reaction or just to make their territory, sometimes subtle to them but very loud to an attentive audience. When conversing in the company of other people, they are very careful with their words, not to offend or to make the other one feel bad. This is more like a game of words they use to keep things interesting, directing the conversation in some funny, bickering way.

Even without intending to make their “thing” open to the public, these simple body language cannot lie, others surely notice it and will probably label them a happy couple.

10) They Suddenly Have More To Say About Each Other
If you notice that the other person is name has been showing up in conversation much more than they ever did, it could be a true sign that something is going on, or they have just started having sex.

If you call them out on it, asking why they’re talking about the other person suddenly, don’t be surprised if they start fumbling over their words or outrightly starts swearing you on keeping their secret. If this happens, that’s a definite sign that they’re sleeping together and don’t want anyone else to know!

11) Unaccounted For Behavior Change
When someone that you are very sure is always very flirtatious, suddenly stop flirting, especially when the other person is around, it is a sure sign that something deep is going on. When there is unusual shyness around each other as well, though it is not as much of a guarantee as some of the other signs mentioned here. At the same time, acting very assertive and confident can also be a sign that two people are having sex.

12) The “Left Out” Vibe
That vibe you get when you are in the company of people who do not want you. In this case, it is not always intentional, but when you are walking with two people and you feel as if you should not be there like you are intruding. If you feel super uncomfortable than that is the sign. You can trust your instincts on this

13) Watch The Goodbye Hug
Most people that are already having sex with each other hug for a slightly longer time than a casual friendly hug and the girl will tend to rest her head sideways on the guy’s chest. They will usually hug every time they part. If none of these matches, they are probably not having. If even one of these matches, however, it’s a really good chance they are.

14) They Know The Little Details Of One Another
They know tiny details of each other, for instance, her favorite nail paint or his favorite drink indicates that the two people are already having sex.

15) Subtle Promises
Friends make promises to each other but when promises are attached to inside jokes, directing attention to the two presumed couple, especially if making and keeping the promise is something that seems out of character for the promise giving person, you can at least say they have had sex a couple of times. 

16) Fixing Their Appearance
A big sign that something might be going on between two people, can be when they suddenly start paying attention to their appearance, like their makeup, hair, outfit, especially when they are in the company of their partner. If they make an effort to groom themselves in the presence of the other person, it could be a sign that they have been having sex already. After all, who does not want to look their best for the person they are having a thing with.

Now, I pause and wonder why you want to know.

Truthfully, it is practically a private business, but there may be good reasons why you would want to know if two people are already having sex.

You could be suspecting your friend is hooking up with someone who believes is not going to end well and you want to know how far they have gone already, before putting out the fire. Or You strongly believe your friend can not handle friends with benefit and you want to intervene before it becomes too late.

Well, whatever good or not-so-good a reason you may have, I will suggest you tread carefully because this is someone’s private life and a very sensitive part for that matter. Don’t go spreading rumors that do not have anything to do with you. Sex is intimate. Whether you want your feelings or your pride to get involved or not, it almost always does.

In another light, you can tailor these signs, more importantly, to help you know how others may be able to read your sex life like an open book. Knowing what they look like helps you stay aware of yourself and limit your social exposure if you don’t want to go public yet.

It’s also important to note that you really cannot draw conclusions based on one or two evidence that matches up with some of the listed signs above.

Rather, it’s when you see a pattern that fits several of the signs that you can begin to size up the situation more accurately.

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