Life would be a lot much easier if you knew without a doubt that your current girl is the right one for you. Wouldn’t you be happier to be sure without a doubt that she is the right one for you? It would save you the pressure of having to waste your time or get your heart broken by all the wrong ones.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t make it easy for so many of us. Granted, we are privileged to have some signs, logic or intuition that we could rely on to decide whether she is the right one for us.

Are you having a second thought? Do you just want to be sure the right answer to give your mom or just any other person that asked? Or better, you want to take the thing to a whole new level? Whatever your reason may be, I hope this article sorts it out for you.

As great as your relationship can be, second thought can hit you out of nowhere, and yes! having second thoughts is common. Whatever else your reason may be, it is also normal because the quest to find the right one is always at the forefront of our minds. It’s important to note that you are not alone in this and this article does not necessarily mean that your relationship is the wrong one for you either.

If you are at the point where you are questioning if she is the right one for you, here are 14 tell-tale signs that indicate that she is the right one for you

1. She Is An Intellectual Challenge For You.
Physical appearance is fleeting but personality lasts forever. Hence, if you are thinking of committing to someone in marriage, you must find that person intellectually challenging. Someone that challenges you both on an emotional and intellectual level. Your discussions should be interesting, insightful and full of depth. Having an intelligent woman by your side can help keep you on your toes. She will be able to challenge your opinions, help to open your mind up to new ideas and concepts and, make it easier for you to succeed and grow as a person.

This also means that you and your woman can work together because you both are two independent identities merging to form a stronger unit. You two will be properly equipped to take on whatever life will throw your way.

2. Does She Have Ambition And Do You Want Same Things?
Your right woman should be someone who has her dreams and ambitions and these dreams should align. Someone that will constantly look to her future and make plans to invest in improving her life. You both can easily lean into each other to create a shared vision for your future. If you have some variations in your vision, that’s okay. But if one of you is unwilling to bend on your dreams to compromise for the other, then that’s a problem.

14 Tell-Tale Signs That Says She Is The Right One For You 1

3. They Bring Out The Best In You
A relationship always starts with an initial attraction, this could be something physical, intellectual or emotional. As familiarity set in, these things start to fade and partners become more real to themselves. Being in a relationship with the right woman means that you are with someone who makes you want to be a better version of yourself. This can show itself in many ways, like, being nicer, becoming more productive, motivated, happier, and a lot more willing to take risks. No one is perfect but in a healthy relationship, couples go out of their way to be the best for each other. This doesn’t mean someone trying to change you, instead, they will make you a better person instead of putting you down for your weakness.

 When we are in healthy relationships, we are often happier and healthier. We shine and grow. A healthy relationship brings out the best of us, it affects every aspect of our lives. 

4. She Is Honest
Honesty is a rare quality that not a lot of people possess in our time, but it is a very important trait in a long-term relationship. Many people become dishonest out of insecurities and the need to be seen as good people. If you can’t trust your woman, how can you tell her anything in confidence, or believe anything she said? How can you be free to be vulnerable and share some deep, scary stuff with her when the need arises? Find someone who respects you enough to be honest with you, even when it is difficult for them, someone you can be sure to navigate challenges together and know you can come out on the other side stronger. When you find that woman who is honest to you and even others, you need to do anything you can to keep her.

5. She Can Be Trusted
This is closer to being honest. You can be certain to have found your right woman when you can trust her completely. Trust is a quality that is built up over time, which is imperative for a healthy and stable relationship. It creates the essential feelings of safety, security, and openness for both partners. If you find yourself constantly checking her phone because you are not sure you believed what she said or feel anxious when they are on a night out with friends, or she is always trying to find something that suggests that you are not as faithful as you project, then chances are she is not the right one. If you don’t trust each other completely, you might as well walk away right now. It may never get easier than it is at the beginning of a relationship.

A healthy relationship should be built on total trust. Without trust, it will have a lot of negativity and disconnection.

6. She Makes You Laugh
If you are with the right woman, she can make you tear up from uncontrollable laughter, even in your crappy days, she will be able to cheer you up. No one said she must be a comedian, but a sense of humor can go a long way. You should be able to laugh and be silly with each other anytime and anywhere.

14 Tell-Tale Signs That Says She Is The Right One For You 2

Having the ability to fill each other’s lives with constant laughter increases overall happiness not just in your own life, but in the life you share with friends and family and the activities you do together.  

Laughing is an activity that supposedly helps us live longer, that is why it’s important to look for a woman who has a similar sense of humor to yours and finds this quality to be important so that you can laugh together frequently and share mutual jokes.

7. Is She Comfortable Being Vulnerable Around You?
It is very important to have a woman who is not afraid of being vulnerable to you. She can be her real self and can talk to you about anything and everything, no matter how silly or weird it seems.

This will help you both to truly understand each other on a very deep level and ensure that you become each other’s number one source of support. You should be able to talk to your partner about anything. If she is the first person you call when you receive good news or bad, then it is pretty evident that she is the right one for you.

8. Do You Feel Safe Around Her?
She makes you feel loved and secured, you can be yourself and feel accepted. You don’t feel scared of her reaction if you want to share some hard things with her. Both of you are not afraid of making a fool of yourselves in front of each. There is a balance in how you interact.

14 Tell-Tale Signs That Says She Is The Right One For You 3

If you can’t be any of those around her, then it might be time to get out of the relationship. You want someone that will accept you for who you are, even the not-so-good parts. She doesn’t just want the ‘you’ with the guys, she wants the real, kind-hearted, soft and weird you. The ‘you’ that can laugh, cry and fart. Your total package. She doesn’t care about your guilty pleasures, and embarrassing moments, she wants a part of it all. These are the spice of life, and if you can find someone just as comfortable with themselves as you are with yourself, then please hold on to her, there is no doubt that she is the right one for you.

9. She Is Your Number One Fan
Like I mentioned earlier, your visions may vary or not, what matters most here is that she care about what you care about and you do the same for her. She is your biggest fan of all time. Your biggest cheerleader.

She understands and supports you no matter what the world thinks. She can’t help it but sing your praise all the time. No matter what you are doing, she is always there to encourage and support you fully.

10. She Doesn’t Want To Change You
Your right woman should be someone who accepts your weaknesses and flaws. She understands that you are not perfect, that you are human and uniquely different. She sees something awesome in you despite your flaws and weaknesses and she loves you just like that.

11. She Respects You
She has a deep respect for you and you do the same for her. A healthy relationship nurtures each other’s self-esteem, it elevates your self-worth and self-respect.

When someone respects you, she will not put you down because of your inadequacies, she will uphold you in your trying times. She will always be there to lift your confidence and spirit. She will support your decisions and ideas, no matter how outlandish they might be. She will make sure that you know that you are valued and you will do the same for her.

If there is not deep respect in your relationship, the relationship will fall apart with negative criticism and a lot of put-me-downs.

12. She Is Not Afraid To Disagree With you
It normal to have disagreements with your partner, but having constant disagreement may not be so ideal in a relationship. Couples argue all the time. Whether is a small issue or a full-blown argument, arguing is normal and healthy for every relationship. In fact, not having issues to fight about, could be a sign that there is nothing left to fight for in the relationship. It is important to take a step back and think about what these disagreements are about.

When you disagree with each other, how does it turn out? Is it an intense fight, abusive or just normal argument? One of the signs that indicate that you are with the right person is having the ability to agree to disagree and not carry any grudges as a result.

The right one would always try to resolve issues without the intention of hurting your pride or dignity, she would focus on the solution and not on your person. This shows she really cares about the relationship, and if you also care, you would put matching efforts to find a solution too.

13. She Listens And Talks To You
One of the signs that indicate that she could be the right one is her ability to show genuine interest in your life and listens attentively when you are speaking, instead of thinking about what you have to say next or trying to establish her view. She will also make an effort to remember things that you have told her about yourself. If she is not interested in what you have to say now at the beginning of the relationship, she is likely to be even less interested later on in the relationship.

You two should be able to talk out about your needs, no matter how difficult and make sure that communication is never one-sided.

14. She Is Committed To Making The Relationship Work
Commitment in a relationship is the secret ingredient of them all. If you find someone who wants that and wants to work at it with you is key. She can have all the other emotions and qualities listed here, but if she is not willing to see the relationship work, she may not be the right one for you.

14 Tell-Tale Signs That Says She Is The Right One For You 4

Ultimately, when you listen to your heart, you will feel the intuition that tells you whether she is the right one for you or not. Your heart message to you is your intuition and should not be taken for granted. Almost everyone can think back and recall a time when they listened to it or didn’t listen. When you feel good, feel that your partner is patient and true, treats you the same in public as she does at home, then you are on the right path.

Watch out when your intuition sends out a warning signal too. If you have a woman that has all or most of these qualities, hold onto her tight and never let her go.

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