You must have heard plenty of bedroom-beliefs about what men want, that has kept you wondering what makes a girl good in bed. Well, before anything else, sex is customized. It is not all about the blow job, fingering, penetration or just outright orgasm.  Sex is much more than that. It means different things to different individuals.

In every sense, what makes a girl good in bed, what a man wants in bed is subject to debate. Men are human, it will be hard to say that there is one thing everyone will love because people are so unique. Some men don’t even like oral sex. To them, the blowjob is silly. The truth is there isn’t just one thing!

It is important to understand that, at the end of the day, what makes a girl good in bed will be better judged by general men’s preferences.

What makes a girl good in bed? The little subtle things men want in bed

This is one question that will get anyone’s attention at any time. At some point, it was a question that plagued my mind all the time, I needed the answer, because judging from the movies or beauty industry, what they marketed was alarming and extreme for an average girl.

Gratefully, what men want in reality is a lot more different than the unrealistic standard promoted by the movie and beauty industry, which can only be seen in pron.

Accepted, there is no one awesome thing that gratifies what men want in bed, which will satisfy them every time. What turns a man on is more than the regular big breast, tits, ass, and a flawlessly dusted face, basing our view only on these will be unfair to men’s amazing ability to appreciate more than just the basics.

What makes a girl good in bed or what men want, is usually a combination of many things. Most of it is more mental than physical. Let’s find out what makes a girl good in bed in the real world.

1) Enthusiasm
A deep connection with you is one of the main reasons why men have sex, casual sex not excluded. No one wants to have sex with someone who is not into it. Men don’t want you absent while in bed with them, be present. Even if you are not in love, you can still be vulnerable, experience pleasure, and connect with another person for the moment. What men want from a girl who is good in bed, is someone who’s enjoying the experience. She enjoys giving you a blowjob, she is comfortable talking about her sexual desires, and she doesn’t hide her excitement to have sex with you.

2) Honesty in Communication
Sex is all about communication. The only way you can be positive, that you know what your man wants in bed is to ask him. This gives you a chance to learn more about him and to connect. It will also provide you with an opportunity to tell him things about yourself, which ill, in turn, strengthen intimacy. You don’t need to have a three-hour long conversation about sex, but you need to be on the same page. Find out from him,  if there is something he will like for you to try, and make sure you tell him what you want to try.

Asking these questions can be hot, and getting the answers can even be hotter. Try it, you both will be happy you did. If you both don’t know what pleasures each other, how do you intend to enjoy the sex?

Oddly, most men feel manly when they know that they satisfied their women. What they want is for you to tell them what you want. They appreciate it when you can confidently tell them what you like and how you like it. They want to make you feel sexy, and giving you what you want is the best way they know-how.

What if they don’t tell you? You can answer that when you pay attention to how his body reacts during sex. If he moves closer, presses against you moans, that shows he likes what you are doing. On the other hand, a still body, pulling away, or painful gasp can be a turn off. 

3) There’s Genuine Chemistry
Sex is all about chemistry. What makes great sex is the sexual tension and attraction between two people. A girl can easily give her all in sex when she is romantically connected with you or sexually attracted to you.  She is really into you and you are into her too. That’s the explosion. Even with casual sex, what makes a girl good in bed is how she can easily bring her emotion into the scene. Women may be more driven to have sex because of love and commitment but struggle in casual sex, but men are wired differently when sex is concerned. It’s that simple.

4) Self-Confidence With Humility
Most men love a woman who believes in herself and basks in the comfort of it. To them, a woman who is good in bed is a woman who is confident about herself.   Confidence is key. Men appreciate and admire every curve on your body, you should admire yourself even more. Granted, we all have our share of insecurities, but sex and making love are not about how you look, so don’t stress if the lighting isn’t perfect. Once you are at the moment, let go and have fun.

Your body language can show when you are uncomfortable or when you are thinking too much, and that will practically disconnect you from giving your best or enjoying the experience. Most men would want you to live in the moment and enjoy them as much as they enjoy you.

Be confident because you are the main center of attraction.

5) Openness
This comes double-edged. Be open about your sexual desires as a woman and the same for the man. As a woman, it’s difficult to open up about your sexuality. You’re not encouraged to do or try out a lot of things like men are. Slut-shaming is a real thing. However, if you are going to connect with your man, to understand what men like in bed and to improve your sex life, then you need to talk about sex. You can certainly let your man know what he is doing that is working, and what he is doing that is not. 

Being open with your man requires that you will be vulnerable and honest about what you want most of the time.

Being open also requires you to be sensitive and considerate. Whatever you tell your man during the intimate session should increase his arousal, boost his confidence, and make you feel good as well.

11 Subtle Things That Men Want In Bed 1

If certain things give you unending pleasure when they come from your man, you can reciprocate his effort to help him achieve sexual bliss as well. Saying sweet and naughty stuff in bed can make him perform better, but don’t sugarcoat compliments and remarks concerning his performance just for the sake of it. You have to mean it. Note that your body language hardly lies, your man will know when you fake it. So, let your actions and words agree.

Be honest, keep it short and sweet. Do not be like a chatterbox; you might put him off. Be precise, this will make him see you as a thoughtful woman. Sexual remarks give men a boost to their confidence.

6) Be In Charge Sometimes
Men want a woman who will take more control, and not be shy sometimes. They want you to take the lead. It is easy for men to initiate sex all the time, and it can be frustrating. It makes them feel like they are always pressuring you. Don’t be scared to take charge as a woman, show them you also want the sex. I know it sounds more convenient and amazing to be the one who lies there and does nothing, but men like it when a woman leads.  Men admire women who break away from the traditional missionary position and take the initiative, it does not make you a slut. It proves to them that you are just into the experience as they are.

Initiate some styles, when you flow with the rhythm, a few ideas will pop into your mind.  Put in some work. While you are in charge, you can also tell him what you want. Seeing that you are the one who holds the reins.

While you can use what you have learned from an ex when you are exploring with your current partner, recognize that not all of those things will be appreciated. When you discover that your new partner doesn’t like something, be calm and understanding. People are different. Freaking out or shaming your partner is not what a girl who wants to be good in bed will do.

7) Cuddle Sessions In Bed
Before sex, men want a woman who will raise the sexual tension between them. You don’t need to start with the dirty talk. Yes, not all the time. Every human being loves cuddling, even if they forget to mention it or own up to it. We all love some physical contact or touch. That’s why physical touch appears to be one of the languages of love. Your man would feel more special and relevant if you express your inner feelings when he is holding you. Women are not the only ones who want to hear sweet nothings; men love them too. This may lead to more sex, plus it’s a great way to bond and unwind from the just-finished hot session.

8) Who Is Not Afraid To Get Playful
Sex is not about just doing the action because you have to. It’s more about how you enjoy the experience and what you can do to spark up the fun for yourself and your man. Sex is not a that serious event. Even the times when the sex is all aggressive and intense, yet if you are not laughing, moaning, screaming and having lots of fun, then it is incomplete. Men love it when you get playful during the act. They don’t want you to carry all the troubles at home and stress at work to the bed, they don’t want another boss on the bed. They want to relax and have fun with you on the bed.

One of the more subtle things that men want is when a girl is playfully modest.  It is hot for them. It’s the small, almost insignificant things you do that drive them wild, plus it gives you a reason to splurge on yourself. Try new things, keep them on their toes, keep the excitement and spark alive.

9) No Judging
Practically, everyone has sexual fantasies. Even some fantasies that you may not want to explore in reality and some that you are very scared to explore, yet there are probably some that you do want to explore. None of us would want to share our fantasy with someone and then be ridiculed, shamed or judged for it.

The same is typically true of men. Exploring his fantasies is a great way to give him what he wants in bed, and it might also fulfill some of your fantasies. But in a case where his fantasy is something you cannot indulge, the least you can do is to avoid it modestly and politely.

Instead of directly making your man feel bad because of any of his fantasies that you cannot indulge, you may need to be a little more indirect, otherwise, he might withdraw and stop responding. This can make it a lot harder to open up about fantasies.

Always remember that there is a connection between sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction.

10) She’s Vocal
Silence can be romantic sometimes but do not overdo it. A girl who is good in bed is a girl who is sexually free to say or do whatever she, please.

Imagine how powerful you feel when your man looks at you like you are the sexiest person in the world. Guess what? Men want to feel desired, too. Feeling attractive can be an enhancing factor when it comes to sex.

Dirty talk arouses men in unimaginable ways. It can be a great way to turn up the intensity during sex. It doesn’t mean you should turn to a talkative. Freaky and extremely nasty things might not give you the same result as when you talk with moderation. But first, make sure you know what your man likes to hear and say it at the right moment. Letting your man know how you like his kisses and moves is a sure way to add to his sexual prowess. Who doesn’t like to hear praises for their performance?  Or it might just be something simple as moaning and smiling during sex, it shows that you are enjoying sex when you are and it will help you attain stronger orgasms.

11) Flirtatious In Bed. Men love to feel wanted and being flirtatious does just that. They want to know you are attracted to them as much as they are attracted to you. Flirting is what two people who are attracted to each other do. It builds up sexual tension and chemistry between two people. This gives men the surety that they are not the only ones who want some actions but also their partners. Show him that you are equally involved in the lovemaking act by flirting with his sensitive sides. It is very flattery and it will work wonders.

Finally, sex is primal, there are some particular words and noises which are instant passion boosters and leave anyone, not just men speechless. Feedback is important during intercourse, it improves the experience and boosts your man’s confidence.

Now that you know what men want in bed and what makes a girl good in bed, it is time to use the tricks to make your sex life awesome.

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