While it is generally known that men can be very complicated when it has to do with their feelings and emotions for a lady, not all men are that expressive when they are catching feelings for you. It is never easy when you are looking for sure signs he is falling hard for you, especially at the beginning of the relationship. When they don't let their feeling out in the open, It's not quite easy to figure out what they are thinking.

The safer thing to do when the butterflies are still buzzing in the stomach is to be sure you are not in it alone. To determine where you stand exactly.

The first few months of every relationship is very thrilling and confusing, you can be sure where you stand now and the next minute you are lost. You are tempted to ask him directly but you are also terrified you may mess things up.

Granted, the tingling feeling that comes with the first few months of every relationship is not something anyone would want to spoil, in an attempt to find out if he is catching feelings for you.

Men albeit complicated, are not that secretive. They are not impossible to decode.  The Signs that he is catching feelings for you and falling hard are always given away by their body language and the way they behave.

If you look at them more closely and pay attention to the way they behave, you won’t have any problems in reading the sure signs that he is catching feelings for you and falling hard in love with you.

When a  guy likes you, he may be scared to be forthcoming with his feelings because he thinks he will scare you off, if he makes his love declaration too soon. He may just want to be sure that you are falling for him too and that you are the one he has been waiting for. He may just be out-rightly shy and can't help hiding it. He may not have even realized how hard he has fallen until sometimes it’s almost too late. Whatever his reason is, the bottom line is that when a guy is catching feelings for you and falling hard, you will definitely know it, when you pay good attention to the way he behaves.

On the other hand, if you want to know what is going on and you can’t wait for him any longer to catch up to his feelings,  here are 16 sure signs that he is catching feelings for you and falling hard.

14 Sure Signs He Is Catching Feelings For You And Falling Hard 1

1. His eyes say it all

The eyes always have a very important role to play when emotions are involved. You are always catching his eye staring at you just longer than usual and in a cute way. It is called a look of adoration. This is absolutely different from someone checking you out and to be sincere, you know the stare in question. This is his subtle way of telling you he is crazy about you and his eyes can't hide it.

And when you catch him staring at you but he doesn’t look away. Instead, he cracks a smile and stares at you even longer. This is his sincere way of telling you with his eyes that he is falling for you hard but may not or cannot say it out just yet.

2. He introduces you to the special people in his life.

One of the serious indications that a guy has fallen hard for you is when he let you into his world. He introduces you to his family and closest friends. He wants to see you get along well with his dearest and closest people because he has counted you in that circle.

Even if he has not told you how he feels, but an invitation to the family is a big deal. He wants to know what they think of you, and what you think of them, and deep down in his heart, he hopes they like you as much as he does. And it takes a guy who sees you as a long term relationship that will bother toeing this route for you.

 Aside from being proud of having you as his girlfriend, this is also a sign that his intentions with you are pure. He really wants you to be part of his life for good.

3. He doesn’t stop talking about you to his friends.

You that innate desire to gush to your friends about your new catch when they really made a mark in your heart?  It happens to guys too. If he is catching feeling and falling hard, he can't keep quiet about it to his friends. He might not have worked up the nerve to say those words to you just yet but if he is going on and on about how wonderful you are, especially in your absence and you catch wind of that, you have got him real bad.

4. He notices things about you that others don’t.

This is almost the easiest way to know if a guy likes you or not. If he is falling for you, he will make it a point of duty to notice things about you that other people ignore or fail to see. They could be sweet or wired things, but to him to they are the things that make you unique and adorable. He makes you feel amazing even with your flaws.

5. He sees you in his future.

If whenever he talks about the future or makes future plans and assumes that you are in it, that is a great sign that he has fallen for you and hard.

If he commits to you and even inquires about your future plans, he is most likely trying to find out if it can stake his plans on them.

It doesn’t matter. The fact is, guys don’t talk or plan their future with just anybody, it takes a certain level of intimacy and commitment for that to happen and if it does happen, you can be sure your love life has taken the right turn this time.

6. His body language is all off.

Guys get nervous around ladies that they adore especially in the first few months of their relationship. They can't just sit still, they want to appear cool and act all gentlemanly but they can't help themselves, they are going to fidget and shift positions all the time. You will notice that despite all his effort to stay comported, his body language won't be lining up, he will just be messing things up.

14 Sure Signs He Is Catching Feelings For You And Falling Hard 2

In his bid to impress you, he will laugh nervously and appear insecure around you. He will get up and sit down and not really have a good reason for doing either.

7. He gives you all of his attention.

You know he is catching feelings for you and falling hard by the way he pays attention to you and his interaction with other women. With all the millions of ladies out there and around him, he treats you like the queen of them all. He pays attention to what you are doing and how you are doing. He locks eyes on you and can’t look away.

Time doesn't mean much to him when he is talking to you, he never gets bored talking to you.

He only has eyes for you. He has no business with Instagram hotties or backup plans, he has you and that is more than enough for him. Seeing you and being close to you is all that is important to him.

If he is contented with you and pays you that much attention with so much distraction in the world today, it’s with good reason.

8. He buys you gifts and spoils you with great treats.

When a guy is in love with you, especially in the first few months of the relationship. He will be working so hard to make a lasting impression on you. He will go the extra mile to make sure that he puts a smile on your face.

Without you asking or expecting, he buys you gifts and surprises you just because he wants to, with absolutely zero expectations. He just wants to see you grin from ear to ear.

If he is doing this, then you can be sure that his feelings for you are genuine

9. He wants to protect you.

When a guy is falling hard for you, it shows in his attempt to protect you. He sees you as his. He may start by showing his disapproval when you wear some revealing dresses. It is not necessarily out of jealousy, it is his way of protecting you from becoming the center of men’s lust. He simply does not want anyone disrespecting or simply hating on you.

Another way this protection can be seen is when he places his hand on your back as you walk in front of him, or touches your shoulder when you are in a strange place together. This is him reassuring you of your safety and peace of mind.

In the same vein, he would not want to hurt or abuse you in any way. No matter what happens, he would never dare hurt you physically nor by word of mouth. If he wants to protect you from harm's way, he would do his best not to be the cause of it.

10. He lets his guards down around you.

If he can relax and be himself around you, if he is comfortable enough to show his authentic self, then he trusts you at least.  Pay attention to his words, what he tells you when it's just the two of you if he seems to let out every tiny detail, both the crazy, serious and confident part, then it really is trust.

If he is comfortable being vulnerable around you sometimes, then he is definitely catching feelings for you and falling hard. Usually, guys don’t discuss how they really feel with just anybody. They should trust you first, then have a thing for you too.

11. He spends most of his free time with you.

He is never bored with spending time with you. He wants to spend all his spare time with you, yet he doesn't want to suffocate you or get you tired of him.  It is a fact that most guys enjoy spending time with their friends, but if he chooses spending time with you over his friends, that is really a great sign that you mean more to him.

If he is prepared to make himself vulnerable by saying these three words"I Love You" , you can be sure the deal is sealed.

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If you notice that he is spending an increasing number of his free time with you, without you having to make any special plan to lure him over, then there is a great chance he is catching feelings and falling hard for you.

12. He will go to the movies with you and sit through it all.

A guy who is falling for you will put your needs above his own and will go out of his way to make you happy. He will do things that don’t interest him just because it will make you happy. He will grab any opportunity to spend more time with you and make you happy. Especially at the early stage of your relationship.

He will sit and not sulk, he will hold your hand the whole time and try his best to enjoy it because he loves you.

And while he is at it, he will do a good job at hiding it, because he fears if you find out he isn't having the fun of his life, it may ruin your night.

13. He makes you happy.

It 's just that simple. You are happy and you don't have any explanations, you just are. It is a feeling you can't miss when you've got it.

You feel like you have found what you have been waiting or searching for all your life. You may not have heard him say he loves you, but you feel loved all around.

When you are angry, he won’t stop until he makes you feel better, he sees your problem as his problem. He will give you all the attention when you need it, he will give you all the reassurance and assurance you desire when you need them. This is not a subtle gesture, it is an obvious sign that he has fallen so hard for you.

14. He says he loves you.

This is more like the final sign. This statement may come easy with some players but if he says it with some of the signs listed above, then you can be assured that he really means it. 'I love you' is the easiest to feel but the harder to accept and the hardest one to say out loud.

If he is prepared to make himself vulnerable by saying these three words, you can be sure the deal is sealed.

Amazing how a guy can find such a beautiful thing called love and won't be in a haste to confess or own up to it. Love is indeed a beautiful thing, without love life is meaningless.

Let's try to understand why a guy will be falling so hard for a lady and not be able to confess it.

Five Reasons a Guy May Be Unable to Confess His Love For You

  • When a  guy likes you, he may only be scared to be forthcoming with his feelings because he thinks he will scare you off, if he makes his love declaration too soon.
  • He may just want to be sure that you are falling for him too.
  • He may just be looking for some confirmation that you are the one he has been waiting for.
  • He may just be out rightly shy and can't help hiding it.
  • He may not have even realize how hard he has fallen until sometimes it’s almost too late.
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