It just seemed so…dirty. More like a one-person live cam porn. But you don’t have a lot of options if you are into long distance relationship. Thank God for the growth in technology, facetime sex is invented. You no longer have to cheat to satisfy your sexual urge in the absence of your partner. You have to help yourself, equip yourself with some facetime sex moves, to save your relationship.

Relationship is already a toll of commitment and hard work, long distance relationship requires more than just commitment and hard work, but those two in a more creative way. A lot of attempts have been made by the long distance couple to solve the lack of sex and physical touch dilemma. It used to be love letters, then phone sex, sexting, erotic email and nude exchange. The options are not very satisfactory.

If you haven’t tried facetime sex yourself, chances are you know someone who has, or probably someone who wants to.

Of course, it can be daunting for people who haven’t tried it before. The first thing you should not let off your mind is that facetime sex should be treated as personalized as real-life sex, meaning that it can be whatever you want it to be. It is also important to say that you shouldn’t allow yourself to be coerced to do anything you’re not 100% comfortable with, if you are not comfortable with showing your face or getting completely nude, it is okay, your partner should also respect that.

I can at least assure you that, not only will you have long-distance sex, but when you are together with partner, your sex life is going to be so much more interesting, because, you will draw fantasies and details from your long distance facetime sex. It will totally up your sex life during physical visits.

So if you’re in a long distance relationship, it is okay to try facetime sex with your partner, all it takes is a little adaptability, willingness, some support and new ideas from these 15 facetime sex moves, to get your sexual urge sorted until you see your partner.

Let’s Update You with These 15 Facetime Sex Moves.

1. Do It Just Because You Want To
In this time of nude revenge and sex scandal, no one has the right to force you into facetime sex, if you don’t want to. Just same way, real life sex is supposed to be a mutual consent, facetime sex is not an exception. Only do it, because you are comfortable with the idea and also because, you trust that your partner, will not do anything without your consent.  There is no rule that says, everyone in a long distance relationship will have to do FaceTime sex to connect with their partner. If you’re not feeling comfortable with the idea, tell your partner.

2. Make It Date Night
You don’t need to have it all figured out. No need for elaborate planning either, but at least make it an item. Facetime sex can be anything you call it. If you want it to be a thing, then make it a thing. Choose a time when both of you will have some time for yourselves, to relax without interruptions or distractions. You don’t need anyone to walk in on you. As you think about giving it a try, take your privacy into consideration and make sure you’ll be home alone or at least have some private time.

3. Lock Your Door
As simple as that, lock up the door of the room you intend using. Treat it as something special and it will be special for you.  Trust me, having someone walk in on you can be very awkward. Extremely awkward. Unless, you are perhaps, involved in some sort of voyeuristic fantasy, or you are a public agent. Take a few seconds and lock your door. You and your partner will be happy you did.

4. Check Your Wi-Fi
While there’s only so much that can be done to improve video chat connectivity, making sure that your device Wi-Fi or cellular data is at its top speed, is something you shouldn’t tread carelessly. You don’t want this to cut short your orgasm or let it distrust you at an unfortunate time, it can be very frustrating and disappointing. Also, make sure that your phone battery is fully charged, then don’t forget your privacy setting

5. Set The Mood
Sex can be boring and daunting if you are not in your best mood. Put yourself in the mood. Create an atmosphere that turns you on. Begin with your own pleasure. Practicing consent on yourself can be very exciting.

Another thing to take into consideration in setting the mood, is the fact that you actually have a partner. That you have succeeded in setting your own mood right, doesn’t mean, your partner has. He may be struggling with some distractions or still dealing with aftermath of work stress. You don’t need to ask him if he wants to have sex, a simple text or email during the day to see if he might be interested and available, will help bring his mind to it. Or take the indirect route, which makes it more of a seduction. Tease him in a sexy way, when it seems the timing is right, you can do a sexy dance or just show him your sexy new bra.

6. Get Sexy
Yes, get sexy. Remember, it is a date and it is special. Your goal is to turn your partner on, the minute he see you right, and you also want to feel pretty, sexy and proud of yourself. I bet you want something that your partner is going to love. So, go pick up something revealing from the mall or search your closet for that one item that makes you feel incredibly sexy. Present your best self. There’s a bit of exhibitionism involved when you are fueling online fantasies. Do your part, wear skimpy lingerie, something sexy that put you in the mood, and will also put your partner in the mood.

15 Facetime Sex Moves To Solve Long Distance Relationship Dilemma 1

P/S. Feel free to be vain.

7. Talk Dirty
When it comes to phone sex, touch has been taken out of the equation, it is important to make up for the lack of physical connection elsewhere. This “elsewhere” points directly to your words. Use words that will satisfy erotic desires of your partner and that of yours too. If you have decided to do this, try to loosen up. Don’t be too shy. Speak clearly and paint a sexy picture for your partner with your words. Use words that are naughty, words that aim at orgasm.

You don’t have to be loud, but spice up things. If you’re a starter at dirty talk, start easy by just describing things that you want your partner to do to you or things that you want to do to your partner. Say it in a sexy way, that’s all that there is to it.  And you would be surprised how hotter things would turn up.

8. Know Your Angles
Being in a long-distance relationship, means that you have time to yourself. Utilize some of that your alone time to explore and discover your best angles. What works for you and what doesn’t. Once you know what excites your sexuality on camera, you feel more comfortable, and confident. Bring those angles to spice things up.

9. Don’t Stop Talking
Don’t panic if your dirty talk or role-play starts getting boring or getting too used to. Embrace the awkward silence. Even sex in real life, have their moments of awkward silence. Facetime sex can involve a few silent moments or times when you’re not sure exactly what to do next. Take the opportunity to look directly into your partner’s eyes and just breathe. Relax a bit. The silence can actually help to build sexual tension. Tease each other and put in a sense of humor into the art. And talk more.

10. Use The Camera
The big difference between phone and FaceTime sex is the camera. So, use it! Make a list of what you would like your partner to do you and what you will want to do to your partner. You don’t have to share this list with your partner, just to make sure you are prepared for the date. Start by touching yourself on camera while telling them what you’re doing and ask them if they like it. You need to feel good and sexy about yourself, and nothing is sexier than seeing yourself on camera. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

11. Communicate
Perhaps, communication is most important when in a long-distance relationship. Communicate with your partner! FaceTime sex can unlock the door to better and unapologetic communication with your partner. After you’ve made a list of what turns you on, share it with your partner, if you both don’t mind. If something worked for you, communicate it, if you think, you guys suck at it and need improvement, say it.  If it was mind blowing, shout it out. If things were awkward, discuss it and try again next time. Ask your partner how they feel and what they think about the sex too, you won’t know how they feel until you talk about it. Be open to each other

12. Have An Orgasm
If you’re lucky to have a happy ending, shout it out. Moan, scream, shake, make it a bit dramatic, it will help your partner also reach orgasm. Don’t hold yourself back. Embrace it! Show it off! There’s nothing wrong with being dramatic, it happens with a lot of us. Your partner is going to be so proud that you had an orgasm.

Think of it as an opportunity to take part in your very own porn. Only in this one, your partner will only have eyes for you.

13. Start Slow And Safe
You can just start with something as simple as texts, to phone calls, to just giving them a show of your sexy dance or a fashion show of your cutest lingerie and then work your way up the main show. Don’t pressure yourself at all. It is supposed to all fun not another office work. Just take your time and have fun.

I dare say, don’t worry if things turn awkward, or you’re unable to reach orgasm on-screen. Some people don’t get to orgasm on their first and second facetime sex. Getting yourself off is something that you are used to doing in private, so I understand if it is going to take you some adjustment to get used to doing it in front of someone else. Don’t pressure yourself, and more importantly, enjoy the awkward moments, laugh it out, don’t let don’t let them overwhelm you.

14. Plan More Dates
Practice makes calmer. If you have not had facetime sex before and you are not used to talking dirty or “performing,” you can practice when you’re home alone. Practice in front of a mirror or videotape yourself alone, and review it yourself.

Again, the first time is really going to come off sleazy and awkward, don’t give up. Schedule couple of more facetime sex dates. Keep practicing, until you have your nerves calm, soon you will be enjoying yourself and having a lot of fun with your partner.

15. The Sly Laugh
Awkward moments are a normal part of sex. It is not an exam you are writing, neither is it a job interview. It is not that serious. Slow down, It’s only sex! Embrace moments shared and help ease the nervousness of sharing each other’s fantasies. Add a little humor to your streaming routine. If you’re not having fun, stop and rewind because you need the fun.  rethink if this is really for you.

Having a face time in your long distance relationship is a cool way to oil the reins of love in the relationship. It could be the very antedote to save it.

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