On different accounts, I have sat down, to ask myself why I like him. Why do I like him the way I do? There are lots and lots of cute guys desiring my attention but why him? How did I make the decision to like him? Was it even a conscious decision? I just know I like him but why?

If you’re wondering, why do I like him, you’re not the only one who has been there. So many of us have been there and some others are still there. You want to find out what about him that made you like him so much.

I have had a crush and I am sure some of us had. There was nothing he did that was beautiful to me, even when talking down on him, I crazily adored everything about him. You know that time you are crushing on someone and the person is actually oblivion of how far you go in your thought with him as the center of focus.

I would make my hair for him in my mind, dress up for him, dance for him, even when I am doing some house chores, he filled my mind with so much energy. Funny enough, my crush was aware that I was crushing big time and he took advantage of that. Yeah, he would make me do anything, run any errands and defend him foolishly. But today, he wishes …he wishes he can turn the hands of time and do things right. He had his time and he blew it. 

Enough of my boring crush gist, the fact is that, at some point when my senses where returning, when the infatuations started to clear, I started asking myself why I really like this guy? I came to some beautiful and logical reasons but it was not enough for me to be his fool. I woke up.

I was so much extra, but I must admit whether the feelings were mutual or not, I had fun to myself…myself alone.

Fast forward to having boyfriends and long term partners, I will take time to ask myself this. Honestly, sometime I will only end up staring at an empty space without coming to any reasonable conclusions as to why I like him.

13 Reasons Why You Really Like The Guy You Like 1

One guy I dated cheated and lied severally. I was dating him and I stayed put just because I liked him. He would apologize, cry, swear and do some nice things for me just to gain my forgiveness and I would forgive him because I liked him. In fact, the thought of leaving him so scared me as I liked him very much. But why do I like him? Am I crazy? Why him, among other guys around, why did I choose him as my boyfriend?

The answer to why I like the guy I like is not easy to conclude. Especially at the honeymoon stage when your emotions cloud your senses that you cannot see anything good or bad he is doing. However, after the honeymoon stage, thinking about why you like the guy you like, a lot of things comes to mind.

He knows how to bring out the beautiful-ugly natural laughter in you and you find him truly witty and entertaining.

Unless he is just one of those crushes you never talk to but only drool over.

There are different reasons why you might feel the way you do. If you are asking yourself why you like him, it’s time you looked at some of the reasons why. It may help you understand your feelings and where they are coming from.

Let’s look at 13 reasons why you like him the way you do.

1. He Makes You Laugh
13 Reasons Why You Really Like The Guy You Like 2

It’s not just that normal flirtatious smile we practice in the mirror, it is the true laugh. The real ugly beautiful laugh. This is one of the things we like to have in someone. The fact that he knows how to make you laugh, he knows what to say or do to crack you up. Those things might be silly and tiny, but they fill our cheeks with laughter.

You connect with his humorous side no matter how weird or silly it could be at times. He knows how to use humor to diffuse a potentially awkward situation, to lighten your mood or to just watch you laugh and enjoy the moment. He can bring you to a serious belly laugh in no time.

And, of course, this makes you feel good and happy. It stabilizes you. Naturally, you are going to develop stronger feelings for him. If he makes you laugh and you are happy all day, this is why you like him. Think about it, this can’t be missing and you still like him the way you do.

He knows how to bring out the beautiful-ugly natural laughter in you and you find him truly witty and entertaining.

2. His Smiles Warms Your Heart

His smile is miraculous to your soul. When he smiles, your soul lights up like a lantern. It’s not just because of that dimple on the side of his face, but it’s because just seeing him happy makes you happy. When he smiles, you feel so important to be part of the reason he can be happy. You love yourself for bringing a bit of happiness to his life, even if it’s for a second.

3. You Can Be Yourself

This is very important. With him, you don’t need to force yourself to be who you are not. You don’t feel need to impress him within any unnatural way. When you are around him, you feel completely natural, like you can really be yourself and he appreciates you for being yourself. Being with him makes you feel whole and confident. You feel at home with him and with yourself.

When you are beside him, it feels right and safe. He accepts you just how you are even though you can get pretty freaking weird. Sometimes you do things that deserve name-calling but instead of calling you a freak, he actually volunteers to roll up under the covers and do the same things with you, to be in your shoes just to make you feel comfortable and safe. The thought of pretending to be anything but whom you never cross your mind with him by your side. You don’t try to be perfect because you feel so comfortable around him. It just feels right.

If you feel like this with him and around him, then this is one of the reasons you like him the way you do

4. He Builds You Up

He encourages you to do your best. He is always rooting for you whether in stat. or a job interview, he builds you up. He never allows you to settle for mediocrity or a level of average. He believes you have a lot of potentials and he is always there to push you to a higher life, a level of excellence.

13 Reasons Why You Really Like The Guy You Like 3

He doesn’t even want you to depend on him, he wants you to dream your dreams and dream them big and he is ready to walk by you to achieve your dreams. He wants to see you reach your potential.

5. You See Him As A Serious Partner

When you think of him, you don’t see him as just some guy. In your mind, you already have him in your future planned out. You see him as your boyfriend, you think of a year down the road and such maybe even someone you want to marry.

This is a big deal. And it doesn’t always happen. There are some guys you meet that you know right off isn’t relationship material.

When you are with him, he makes you want stability. And these thoughts only fuel your feelings for him, which makes sense. I mean, you like him because there is a good chance he could be the one.

6. He Totally Understands You

He knows your moods, your likes/dislikes, values, and idiosyncrasies. While he may not approve of them all, but he understands them and will accept all of them as part of whom you are.

With him, you know you can be yourself and not be scared of making mistakes. You know he understands and has the right blend of discipline and words to nudge you to your better self.

7. He’s Always There For You.

He is someone you can count on. He always has your back. When you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to, he is always there.

When times seem so challenging, he is there for you. He won’t always try to fix things but will offer his ideas on things you can do to make things easier. He is truly available when you need him. He is sensitive to your pain and sadness and thoughtful in ways to lift them. If you need him in times of sadness, challenge, grief, or frustration, he will be there to offer every support that he could.

And even when you are doing fine, he will still show up to make sure you are okay. He worries about you but in a good way. That sweetness is what makes you all feeling good inside. And that’s one of the reasons why you like him. He’s there when you need him.

8. You Can’t Imagine Life Without Him. 
13 Reasons Why You Really Like The Guy You Like 4

In the short amount of time you have met him, he has managed to take over your world.

He has made such a great impact on you that you can’t imagine your life without him? He makes a whole difference to your daily experience. Your days are so much different when he’s around.

9. You Are Attracted To Him. 

You probably used to stare at him a lot before you guys met. He has this wonderful combination of being handsome and cute in all the right ways. There is something about his face, his body; the whole package turns you on, even when others don’t notice nor approve of those things. You don’t care about the girls who didn’t see what you see nor agree with what you see.

Attractiveness is completely subjective and personal. What you find attractive someone else may not, and that’s perfectly fine! To you, he is simply handsome in such an elegant way. From his hair to his wide feet, he is so lovely to you.

10. He is Honest.

I mentioned my experience in my past relationship. When it comes to a potential boyfriend or partner, you want someone honest with you. You want someone who will trust you enough to tell you the truth and believe that you can handle them. Trust me; you don’t want to feel like there is always something someone is hiding from you.

When your partner is honest, he earns your trust. It makes he is also trustworthy. Their honesty makes you feel relaxed, and that’s how it should be.

If you like him this much and you feel safe and right with him, this quality is one of the reasons you like him the way you.

11. You Have Deep Conversations

If you are both in the mood, you can sit and talk about global issues. What I mean is that when you are with him, you two really talk. You feel like you can tell him anything and he will just listen and not judge you.

He is intelligent. He makes witty jokes sometimes that other people might not understand. He knows a bit more about certain topics and this is one of the reasons you like him.

12. He is Protective of you

I don’t mean possessive. He is protective. Every woman wants that security in their relationships. I am talking about the seemingly small things that make a woman feel important. He makes sure you get home safely; he makes sure you have eaten; he makes sure you are strong and bright.

He doesn’t let people talk disrespectfully to you; he readily comes to your defense or rescue... And when you’re around him, you feel safe. Of course, this isn’t the only reason why you like him. But it’s one of them.

13. He is ​Family-Centered

He greatly values his family and holds it “front and center.” He works hard to be a good leader, provider, and mentor for the people in his life. He has an undying love for them and his dedication is unwavering.

He is family centered - he cares about you enough to be a part of his life, his family. 

Without noting it, every woman craves for one or more of these qualities in her man. While it is a challenge to find it all in a single man, it is not uncommon to naturally follow and count these traits in him. My advice? If your man does not have more than 4 of these traits (while ultimately are based on your selection), or if he displays the very opposite of them, then it may be time to change him.

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