Love is huge, sweet, complicated, strange, ecstatic, unquantifiable, beautiful, and sometimes without explanations, just as I would love to go on and on about what I think true love stands for but you get my point.

What’s your take on True Love? With limit or without limit? Are there things you can never really do, no matter how in love you think you are? Are there exceptions in love for you? Would you be ready to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING because of love?

I guess the safer answer will be NO, not exactly ANYTHING and EVERYTHING because that will no longer be true love but infatuation, lust or even obsession. True love is loving a person against all odds but in the right way. Seeing the best of a person and committing to helping him/her become an enhanced version of themselves.

A person who says to love you will never put you in a position where you will have to choose losing yourself to loving him/her.  If you are already in that position, be woke already and get out of that frustration because it will drain you to suicide. Think about this for a sec.

When you are starting out in the journey of love and relationship, I’d suggest you take time to have this conversation with yourself because it is the sane thing to do.

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How Do You Know It’s True  Love?

Is it the butterfly feeling or the goose bumps or just the almost overwhelming excitement that come with falling in love?
Love can be very strong and confusing especially in the first stage. At this point, you want to experiment anything that comes with the feeling. You want to touch, kiss anywhere at any time, sex, travel, hang out as often as possible, but is that it?

Personally, I would know I truly love someone when I always consider or put the person first as I make my decisions; when the person’s happiness is important to me and sometimes, I can even consider their happiness above mine and I always find myself thinking about this person.

In love, I don’t believe that you have to lose your identity, your honor because of love. Yes, it’s very ok to always find yourself thinking or even worrying about your partner, but when that stops you from being reasonable and starts building your appetite to sleep with/around them, then you’d better stop and call yourself to order because that is you gradually losing yourself and that’s an obvious gateway to frustration.

Just same way you would want the best for your partner, your partner should also want the best for you. Love is positive and it should bring out the better versions of the both of you.

Love is sacrificial, but sacrifice shouldn’t be one sided. Love is commitment. It is already hard work, so adding more demand and pressure that has the potential of taking the joy/fun out of it, will betray it as true love.

While considering the feelings of your partner before making decisions for yourself is important, you should remember that this effort should be a returned favor. In as much as you do your best to come to a compromise, it means your partner should be ready to meet you half-way.

The ability to know when someone is asking a whole lot from you and when it’s what you are supposed to is innate, and you shouldn’t let experience teach you that.

Take time to tell yourself the things you can never do or lose when you are in love. Never lose your honor, pride, self-respect, dignity, or values because when you do, you will come out if you are lucky, drained and scared of starting all over.

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