You just hit the magical six months anniversary milestone, you are having a mixed feeling. On the one hand, you are excited you just did and on the other hand, you are not sure what it truly means. Is the honeymoon stage over?

The first six months of every relationship are called the honeymoon period. The notion that within the early going, the relationship still feels fresh, exciting and pleasant. You two are constantly learning new things about each other and having first experiences together. This time is very crucial to what the future holds for your relationship. The first six months of a relationship could be considered the most vital time. This is when you find out if you two get along, if you two are likely to stay around together for a longer time and if you are compatible in the long run.

For so many couples, while their relationship is still fun and exciting after they pass the six months anniversary,  they suddenly feel they have done stuff together already, they think they know their partner inside out, they feel there is nothing more exciting, more to unveil and they suddenly start getting bored in the relationship.

That person that was so exciting a few months ago is suddenly there all the time. And it feels like they have been there every day for a very long time. Predictability leads to boredom and boredom leads to questioning your feelings.

While a breakup is never something that any thinking feeling person would want to go through, it’s easier to realize now that you are not right for each other. On the other hand, it is nicer to know that you have found the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Is six months anniversary the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?  Are six months around when the honeymoon period ends? Here is a list of 8 Things This Vital Six Months Anniversary Truly Mean.

1. No Mask.
By the sixth month, things start getting more real. You are much more comfortable showing your real self, the mask is gradually falling off. You are gradually releasing your senses to resume work.

Things that you and your partner never paid attention to, things that were never a bother, start irritating you.

You will find out what annoys you about them, and whether or not you have the same values, goals, and priorities for a long-term relationship. And that can be either good or bad for your relationship. It is either you find a way to fall even more in love with your partner or you just start getting bored from being around each other all the time. Of course, it is normal to feel a little bored throughout occasional stretches of your relationship. However, you always have to be making an effort to keep things interesting and fun in your relationship if you see a future between you and your partner. Unless you don’t mind risking growing farther apart from one another.

It is okay, just as expected. The magical six months anniversary is only the first phase your relationship must survive, to gain entrance into the next phase of your relationship. If your relationship will make a positive long term turn, then it will still have to survive this phase. So, if you have hit and survived the magical six months anniversary in your relationship, that’s something to celebrate.

2. The State Of The Relationship.
The state of the relationship can be a sign of what the future holds in the relationship. It is a big deal to hit and survive the six-month milestone, it is a good time to check how your relationship is progressing and you two feel about it or at least start with yourself.

Are there constant quarrels, misunderstandings, and arguments? It is normal to disagree with your partner, but how you engage in these conflict matters, how they unfold, how long it takes to settle and how you settle. Do you make space for each of you to speak and listen? Do you two focus on finding a solution or on winning the argument? Do you both consider the emotions and personalities of each other when you argue? Do you and your party show kindness and empathy even when you disagree? Do you consider their perspective before responding or do you jump in without thinking?

These are what explains the state of the relationship when you have hit the magical six months anniversary.

If the interactions between you and your partner at this phase of your relationship is already exhausting and unpleasant a lot of the time, it could ultimately mean you didn’t survive this six-month milestone. Sorry, but as I said earlier, it is easier to know your stand now than later.

But if after six months you are very much meeting each other’s emotional needs and still feel deeply connected, then congratulations, there are some more positive things to come.

The Magical Six Month Anniversary: 8 Things This Vital Six Months Anniversary Truly Mean

3. Get The Honeymoon Back On Track
Granted, when you have hit the magical six months milestone, it comes with mixed feeling, but if each time you think of things coming to an end, it leaves you in doubt and fear, it may mean it is only time to redo the honeymoon. Get the honeymoon back on track. Get away from each other for a bit, get a little space and me-time now and then, it might just be what you need to realize how much you still enjoy being together. Go for an all dressed up dinner date, the way you would dress up for your first date. Try to impress each other all over again, making a bit of an effort for each other will remind you of why it’s worth making an effort to stay together.

4. Relationship Rebound
You have been together for six months, you are wondering what milestones people hit after this time. You are hoping that the relationship can last longer and you also want to hope that your partner wants the same for you two. Many things are likely to have happened already. You may have made plans to travel together to introduce your partner to your family and close friends. You must have had disagreements and worked through issues. You may have moved in together at this point in the relationship and probably discussed what the future holds for you and your partner.

If you have done any or all of these things, it is a good sign. Another thing to consider is called relationship rebound. When you hit this six-month milestone, check in to be sure that you and your partner have fully recovered from your past relationships. It is important to be sure that you survived this six-month phase of your relationship. To rebound is your responsibility.

I can recall telling my partner after we have hit our first six months to take all the time he needs away from me to do whatever he needs to do to heal from his ex. Yes, that was hard and risky for me at that time, there is a tendency that I may lose him forever, but I needed to do it, to be sure what I am investing my time, energy and emotions into.

It is not the work of your partner to soothe your pain and heal you from your past relationships, it is your responsibility. If you are not over an ex, you will likely bring these issues into this current relationship. Even though it’s been half a year, it doesn’t matter. Those wounds haven’t healed, and you could be prolonging your future with your new partner by harping on your ex and what you had with that person. This is an individual battle to win.

5. You Just Feel It Is Not Working
Even though you mean well, even though you want this to be real, you would love for your partner to be your happily ever after. But you just feel slightly or strongly that it is not working. Some things are expected to happen if your partner thinks in the same direction as you do and if they don’t happen by your sixth month together, then your tuition may just be right.

One such thing that can happen in a relationship is that your partner may be reluctant to introduce you to their close friends and family members.

 If at this point, your partner is still reluctant to introduce you to people who are significant in their life. If you haven’t met your partner’s family, that’s a red flag, as in red for caution. If something in the relationship doesn’t feel right, listen to your intuition and talk to your partner about the problem. The honeymoon phase of the relationship is over after six months, this is the phase you are starting to learn deeper things about each other. With that in mind, you should know about their life, and know who their close friends and family are.

 When you survive this honeymoon phase of your relationship, both of you are emotionally invested. It’s time to examine whether you see a future beyond that six months.

6. Disagreements In Relationships
Fighting and quarreling is a normal part of any relationship. I mean, I have had my fair share of it, so many long term relationships have and we all still do. When you disagree with your partner, it’s an opportunity to understand more about them and where the argument is coming from. Disagreement in a relationship is not an enemy to the bond you are trying to build, it is rather endowed to help bring you and your partner close in the end. It could be trying to help you work through some things in your connection. Be patient if there are recurring issues that come up. It may take time to work these issues out.

Take your time to understand every disagreement and the emotions that are shared between you and your partner at the time, focus on the positive things you want to achieve out of every disagreement and not just being petty all the time.

The Magical Six Month Anniversary: 8 Things This Vital Six Months Anniversary Truly Mean

7. Deeper Connections Development
Accepted, infatuation doesn’t last very long and not every relationship moves beyond infatuation within six months, but when it does fall off after the first few months of the relationship, the excitement of the relationship begins to slow just a bit and the beautiful colored lenses will be easy to wear off. 

It is time to determine if there is more to this relationship than a lot of physical attraction. And if there is more indeed, that’s when a deeper connection starts to develop. If your partner shares similar values, similar interests and views on important issues, this will move you two to begin growing stronger connection that moves you and your partner towards wanting to be more emotionally intimate. If there is this connection, you two will naturally move toward exclusive commitment.

8. Natural Progression
Just as everything else goes through processes, relationships go through phases or stages and if you try to avoid one of the stages, problems may develop in the relationship which may result in you or your partner ending the relationship.

When you patiently go through each phase and completed each, you have also built for yourself a strong foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity. For so many people, this could mean marriage, while to others it could mean an exclusive committed relationship.

Finally, whatever hitting the magical six months milestone in a relationship may mean to you, my utmost suggestion is that you don’t hinge too many expectations, meanings, and pressure that will scare the potential of forever away. Don’t freak out on yourself, nor freak your partner out because you are thinking too much, expecting too much and wanting more than necessary. If there is anything that kills relationships it’s too many expectations.

Don’t let that be you.

Don’t compare your friends’ relationships with yours. No two human beings are the same. You are unique and your relationship progression is also unique. Your journey, your route, your successes, and your failures are what makes living interesting. Simply, take pleasure at the moment, be grateful for the fact that your relationship has hit this milestone and survived it, perhaps in six months more you will be celebrating the first anniversary!

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