Pheromones is not an everyday word. As powerful as the word pheromones is, so many of us are clueless to its almost miraculous working in human relationship.

Pheromone is deep and strange, it makes you question how your presence in a room can affect other people. This is a topic, that should be considered in order to gain a better understanding at relationship.

Pheromones And Animals

Pheromones are chemical signals that have evolved for communication between members of the same species. They are chemicals produced by one species that affects the physiology or behavior of animals of the same species. Pheromones assist in reproduction, feeding, social interactions and maternal-neonatal bonding in mammals.  Pheromones was first discovered in animals. Certain animals release pheromones in order to attract mate for reproduction.

For instance; When a female moth releases her volatile sex pheromone into the night air, it is carried by the wind like an invisible smoke plume from a chimney. The wind shears it into pockets of air with pheromone separated by clean air pockets. When a pocket of air with pheromone hits the antennae of a male searching on the wing, he responds by flying upwind for a fraction of a second. If he hits another pocket of pheromone, he flies upwind again. If he doesn’t hit more pheromone, he flies from side to side until he hits pheromone again.  But it’s not just same for human. our Pheromones spot exist in a weird spot.


Pheromones is also known as the scent of sex. They are chemical signals that are responsible for one being’s attraction to another. If you are ready for love and is hoping to meet the partner of your dreams, there is possibility that your pheromones is doing all the work for you subconsciously.

The Magic Of Pheromones: The Scent of Love 1

What is pheromones in human being? There is some evidence that they exist, but scientists haven’t been able to figure out exactly which ones they are yet or where they are from. So, it’s safer to say there are no clear establishment to its position in human being.

Some researches, at least, suggests the following: that ovulating women increase testosterones  in nearby men; that male sweat keeps a woman’s menstrual cycle regular; that women’s menstrual cycles sync up if they live together. Sometimes, people are attracted to other people’s special brand of human smell. It sounds weird, but it’s often true.

This pheromone in human is so particular with each individual,  it may or may not attract a response. As special as  you are and as strong as pheromone is, you are completely oblivion of what your own is or the great job it is doing on your behalf. It’s all a completely subconscious deal, which happens beyond our control.

Can we really smell them? Are they making us act different sexually or socially?

The Uses of Pheromones

Can one sniff him/herself into love? Sounds weird right, but from understanding the role of pheromones in human relationship, it seems like a possibility. So, if you are ready for a new relationship, I suggest, you try letting pheromones do the hard work, and be far less stressed about your quest as a result!

I’d like to chip this in; pheromones does a whole lot to who each of us love, hate, marry, even when taking on a certain job, bonding with a newborn baby, the like or dislike of a neighbor or why we would avoid a new co-worker that we hardly know yet.

Our pheromones are perceived differently by people. A certain food that smell so good to one person, may be someone else’s allergy. What one person finds attractive, another may find a complete turn off. It’s the same for pheromones.

A lot of research and psychological thinking has gone into pheromones and why one person finds them attractive and another doesn’t. It has something to do with the subconscious desire to breed. Yes, in terms of how you select somebody you want to be with or get married to or have children with. Having children might be the last thing on your mind, and you may never actually want children, but your pheromones are picked up by those with whom would make strong and healthy babies!

Do Bottled Pheromones Work Or Is It Just A Marketing Gimmick?

Yeah right!

Nothing misses a good market/marketer and pheromones wasn’t an exception for the world of business. Anyway, the fragrance company claim to have harnessed a pheromone chemical that increases romance and sexual desire, it has been flawlessly integrated into a perfume that attracts people of the opposite sex. Just like love potions.

When you put it that way, can you blame people for buying them? But does it work, or does it work better than your natural pheromones?

The thing is, your personal pheromones are the most powerful, not a set that you buy in a bottle. Whose body sample was tested, enhanced and bottled? There might be danger of attracting the wrong person, if it works. But you’d be on the safer side, letting your subconscious natural pheromones work for you, at least, you will be sure to attract the right person. Whether that person turns out to be your “happily ever after or not” we don’t know, but in genetics, that’s what it’s all about.

I may be wrong of course, you may have good reason not believing my point.  The fact that these products claim to boost attractiveness and therefore attract a partner for whatever that person is looking for may mean, these products is doing well in business.

Do They Work?

There is no real evidence they work. If this stuff worked, all the pharmaceutical companies would be selling it because of how much money will be involve in it.

Smells obviously do influence people. We notice how people around us smell. It does affect our judgment and behavior.

But there are, as far as we know, no ‘magic’ perfume that will overpower the reasoning abilities of people around us, except something as natural and as subconscious as our individual pheromones.

When you ask people ‘what they found attractive about their date?’ You won’t hear ‘oh it was their pheromones.’ Rather you will hear ’it was their smile, their eyes, their sense of humor’.

It may have been pheromones which attracted them in the first place, and from there, they noticed their eyes, smile, sense of humor, but they aren’t consciously aware of it.

Wonders Of Pheromones

Perhaps, pheromones being so abstract may be why, it will remain a mysterious and ethereal kind of subject, until we can actually see them or touch them. People are so touchy and work better with evidence before an  idea can be established.

You may still not believe in its existence or you do, the fact is; We all have them, we just don’t know it, but we do. Your pheromones might be super-attractive to one person, and direct opposite of attraction to another..

You can’t choose who likes your pheromones and who doesn’t. In return, someone may find your pheromones attractive, but you don’t have the same vibe about the person.

My Last Pheromone Reflection

Maybe, we could just bottle our own pheromones and do a little testing on them? Find out what exactly it can do, who it can attract or repel.  It would save a lot of relationship issues and heartbreak, and stop counting time as well. You can actually sniff yourself to love and have an instant match.

However, in all the hype on pheromones, the idea of dating should be getting to know someone in its adventurous way and not focusing on any subconscious smell, that may definitely snuff fun out of it.

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