Is your relationship with your boyfriend just not working out? I understand. Just as you want to learn the easy ways to get your boyfriend break up with you instead, I once wished I knew the easy ways too. So, if you find it hard to tell your boyfriend it is over, I have been there. Many of us have and we learned the easy tricks you are about to learn; the easy ways to get your boyfriend to break up with you instead.

Deciding to break up with someone is never an easy try no matter the underlying factors instigating your reason. But if for any reason you feel the relationship has taken its toll on you, you are likely to be right. I mean, you are the one in the relationship. And we know that not all relationship is meant to last for a long time. However, it’s not easy to outrightly hurt someone you have shared a deep part of you with. It is easier to get them to choose to break up with you instead. So you’d better learned the easy ways to get your boyfriend break up with you instead.

While sometimes it seems like the best approach is to be direct with your boyfriend and tell him you don’t think your relationship is working. But again, it is not easy and who doesn’t like taking the easier route around stuff like this.

But before you rush into any drastic decision because of a simple challenge your relationship is facing, which you are likely to regret soon, I suggest you take some time to ascertain what your reasons are for wanting a breakup. Are they worth breaking up with someone you love? Are you sure you indeed want a breakup with him? Before you initiate a breakup in your relationship, it should be after you have taken the time to really think about it thoroughly. 

If there is an inch of doubt and concern left somewhere in your mind, you may need to take care of why you are feeling that way. You may need to deal with those doubts and concerns first. You can even share your concerns with your boyfriend, if you both are ready to save the relationship, then you can give it another try but if not, you can at least be sure you know why and what you are doing.

Giving yourself time to think about your decision does not only makes you a responsible and reasonable person, but it also shows that you appreciated what you shared with your boyfriend in the relationship. Trust me, a breakup can be both damaging and traumatizing. And it’s not something anyone will want to go through without making sure that it’s worth it.

When you decide to end your relationship but you are concerned about hurting them, or you want to avoid your boyfriend creating an unnecessary scene about it and start stalking you. If you don’t want to face them, there are other ways to go about breaking things up without doing it yourself. They may not be nice, but they work.

11 Easy Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Break Up With You Instead
Here are 11 easy ways to get your boyfriend to break up with you instead

1. Give The Relationship Some Space 
If you want to get your boyfriend to break up with you, you are going to start showing him signs of carelessness and one of them is to give the relationship some distancing. And, you are going to make the signs very obvious.

Don’t call him, text him or chat him up first, don’t pick his call on time, don’t return his miss calls, don’t text back when you get his texts or chats. If you finally get to talk to him, don’t be remorseful about it. Be carefree about it. If you make plans, be sure to bail out at the last minute, he will start getting the hint that you need space.

Try not to spend so much time around your boyfriend as you used to. When you are together, make your conversation very uncomfortable and one-sided. Avoid having any deep conversation with him. This can make you look disinterested and bored and he will start getting the hint of what might be going on. He might want to find out what is going on. If and when he does ask, press the ignore and deflect the answer

You turning this way all of a sudden will somehow make you indirectly hurt your guy. So, you may have to do this slowly over time. Slowly spend less time with him. Eventually, he will notice you have cut back on your interactions.

2. Complain About Everything And Anything.
Complaining about everything can drive someone very far from you. Whenever you are with him, find a reason, no matter how minute it is may seem and complain about it. Pick meaningless fights over nothing. Fight everything he says and turn them against him.

You can also say something negative about everything he does. He may not deserve it but you have a goal to get him to break up with you by himself, so pick up a fight for no reason. Complain and blame him for everything. Keep saying negative stuff about his mistakes and effort; this will frustrate him enough to literally end things with you.

At first, he may want to talk about why you are being mean and rude all of a sudden, but don’t relent. Your aim is to get him to dump you and once you achieve that, make sure that you give this annoying trait that you just picked. Don’t allow it to get deep into you.

3. Start Talking About Your Ex.
You can start by checking out pictures of you and your ex when he is around. Gradually start talking about your good times with your ex. This can make anyone crazy and jealous and no one wants to be with someone who is not over their ex. Mention him in conversation, talk about the good old days with him, incite that you miss him somehow and how you really wonder what he has been up to recently.

You don’t have to go the extreme of changing your screen saver to that you and your ex. That can destroy any chance you might have to be good friends sometime in the future. So if you want to put an end to your relationship and you want your boyfriend to dump you without creating any scene, this is one of the ways to do it. Whether you talk about your ex in a bad or good way, your guy may not be able to handle it positively. He will start wondering if you still long to have your ex back in your life.

4. Avoid Saying I Love You. 
Saying you love him when you want him to dump you is reenacting the bond and reaffirming the faith he has in the relationship. Even when he says he loves you and expects feedback, be less convincing. Respond as if you had to really think about it first before answering. This will make him start doubting the sincerity of your feelings. He will one day get tired of spending his time with a lady who doesn’t love him enough to say it to him anymore and he will give you want.

5. Stop Bringing Up The Future.
Show it that you are unsure of the future between you two. You may have even talked about the future with him before now, that was when things were going well. Now, you have to be vague about the future. Avoid discussing the future with him, when you clearly believe that there is none between you two.

Even if the future plans are only for future events, cancel and if he is trying to make plans for a date, don’t agree to anything concrete. If you must talk about any future plans, make sure it has nothing to do with him. Include people he knows but don’t include him. Gradually, he will read the handwriting and eventually understand that you don’t see a future with him.

6. Stop Physical Intimacy With Him.
If you have been a very romantic partner before now, reduce it to the least point. This will send a red flag that something is wrong. Cut down on all form s of intimacy that your relationship has experienced in the past. If you used to hold hands, kiss a lot, look into each other’s eyes, snuggle all the time and sleep together. Cut them all out.

Make sure not to initiate any physical intimacy and find excuses to pull away from him when he does. When he tries to know what is happening, give no convincing response. Tell him you are not in the mood. Tell him you are busy. Tell him you are thinking about something. Tell him you don’t want someone or some people to see you displaying affection in public. Just look for a silly response that will leave him wondering what else you are not saying.

In a little while, your boyfriend will get the picture and dump you. He will probably be glad that he did the dumping and not you dumping him.

7. Try To Control Him.
Most guys don’t want any controlling freak as a girlfriend. No grown-up guy wants to date his mother. So, you if start questioning his choices of everything and changing them your choices for them, at first it may appear that you are paying a little bit more attention to them, but with time, it will wear him out.

Tell him that he shouldn’t wear those shoes with those pants. He decides the kind the foods he should be eating and don’t offer to make them for him. When making changes to his choices, do it in a way that he will start wondering what is wrong with you. Talk down on him as if he knows no better. Complain about the choice of clothes that you have been comfortable with before. He will eventually get tired of you mothering him and break things off.

8. Social Media Is Key
Social media is one good way we celebrate our relationships. So make some social media changes that concern him. If there is anything on your social media that suggests you are in a relationship with him, change them. 

Start acting single, change your social media accounts to look like you are single. Change your profile pictures on your different social media accounts. Change your relationship status. Post pictures of only you, looking all hot and beautiful. He will get the hint that you are feeling single and ready to mingle with other people.

Easy Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Break Up With You Instead.

9. Flirt With Other Guys.
While on Facebook or tweeter, flirt with guys in your interactions. When you two are out on any social gathering or date, flirt with other guys. When you are having a conversation with your boyfriend and you see a cute guy on the street, mention how hot he is and stare at the cute guy long enough to piss your guy off.

When he sees your chats with other guys on social media and sees how you look at guys and flirt with them, he will understand that you are beginning to move on from your relationship with him.

10. Be Selfish. Be Selfish And Let It Be Obvious That You Are. 
When you and your boyfriend spend time together, never let him control the conversation. Don’t give the benefit of saying his mind over any particular issues. If he starts talking about himself, interrupt him and start talking about yourself. He will either get the feeling that you don’t care about him at all or think that you are too selfish. And yes, he is right, you are selfish.

11. Forget Important Days.
This one can be cruel. Forgetting important days like birthdays and anniversary is something not many of us can deal with. I mean, I have had to break up with someone because he forgot my birthday. So if your boyfriend talks about any important occasion or days, just tell him that you completely forgot or don’t want to come. Tell him that those things are not in your top list of priorities. Let it be obvious that what is most important to him is not that important to you. Repeat this behavior a few times and I am sure this will surely irritate your guy and he will ask for the break up sooner than you think.

Why would you want to end a relationship so bad but can’t be bold to trash it out with your partner?

I know that relationship sometimes gets toxic and suffocating. Sometimes one party can stop making any effort to keep it working and the other person starts feeling drained and tired or you even find out you two are not compatible with a long term relationship. Whatever the reason is, ending a relationship can feel very selfish and maybe awkward, and it might be better to do the following;

  • Be honest about your feelings so you can try working things out first and if you couldn’t, you can at least still find a way to be friends in the future.
  • Have a mature discussion about how you feel will likely end in less hurt feelings and a more civil breakup.
  • Rather than play these cold withdrawal game, I think your partner deserves to know how you are feeling and that you are unhappy in the relationship.
  • The healthiest way to get someone to break up with you is to sit with them and discuss your feelings face to face.
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