It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Trying to come up with that special text to make her smile, or just make her know you’re interested. Texting seems to be getting more intimidating because how can you write the perfect love line without being corny? Well, I don’t blame you, texting is an art form and like every art form, you’ll need to learn the rules so you can modify and create your piece. The truth is that if she doesn’t know you like her by now then it’s a good place to start and show your interest. if she does know you like her, then step up your game.

Texting is the normal form of communication these days, that’s why so many chat apps keep popping up with new features. Everybody is on their phones and good news, so is she. This means that you’re already in a good position and you’re ready to start creating a romantic impression. Before, you go texting her like she’s an old friend you used to play ball with just think about it. This is someone who you want to date in the near future so you need to hold on the text for a minute. So, here are 15 texting rules that every guy in other to impress and charm that special someone.

1. This is not a rule book
First of all, before you start reading the next tip you have to understand that there aren’t any rulebooks for this thing. It’s very much a gamble but this article helps narrow down your activities so you can come out successful in wooing the girl. Because let’s face it nobody wants to waste their energy and time on something only to get ignored in the end. So, these are the unsaid rules, that’ll propel you into her heart. Think of them like a structure that offers you the best chance of getting her to want to know and see more of you.

2. Do not send her your dick pics
I don’t care if you’re the most endowed man in the city, do not under any circumstance send a dick pic as a conversation starter. What do you think is going to happen? She’ll open her phone and fall hopelessly in love with it? Let me help pull you back into reality. If you send a dick pic especially one you hadn’t previously discussed with her it might just be the end of everything. Think about it, would you like to open your phone to someone’s dick just popping up to say hello. Unless you’re gay, I don’t think that’s going to sit well with you. So, take a moment’s pause and think about it for a minute. What would be a nice way to start? My suggestion is to ask her about something you know she has an interest in. Also, compliment something you saw her wearing but please don’t go with “I liked your dress it really brings out your figure.” Focus on her eyes or lips and see where it goes from there.

3. Don’t forget the time
Don’t text her around 4 am or 11 pm. Relax, she’s not going to fly away the next second and even if she were, your 2 am text most likely won’t change that. The truth is midnight or early morning texts are cute when both parties are consenting to it. If she gave you her number and you decide to call her around 2 am, she might end up pissed.

You have to think about the best time to call, some time that is not too early and not overly late so that way. You can get her at her best time always. Other than the inconvenience it’s also doesn’t send the right vibe if you text late. Except, if all you want is a booty call, late-night texting is not a smart idea. Especially when you’re just getting to know each other it might end up ruining things. So, before you could even ask for a first date, she’s already saying No.

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4. Keep it simple
I know you’re probably excited to get to know her and you’ve probably been thinking about this perfect love story between the two of you. But before you start asking how many children she wants to have just wait a minute. She doesn’t know you yet, she’s just getting to understand the type of person you are. Bombarding her with all sorts of personal questions would only serve to irritate her or make her very uncomfortable. I know you have a million and one thing you’d like to share and know in return and you will in time. For now, keep it simple, ask her about her hobbies and what she likes to do for fun and then continue from there.

Let her feel comfortable around you before anything else. This is someone special to you, you want to take your time. Trying to hurry things along before she’s ready might just freak her out. So, keep the conversation simple.

5. Stop the text Lingo
You don’t need to write brb or jk or lmao, you’re not a 13-year-old. Use the right type of text language to sustain meaningful conversations with your partner.  Use full sentences, let her know who she’s texting. If you actually want to impress her and leave a long-lasting impression then bump up the texting and use full word and sentences. Trust me you’ll leave a better impression.

6. Avoid sexting
This style of texting is not designed for the early stage of getting to know someone. This person doesn’t love you yet. They have not    come to that point where they can start sharing that type of information with you. So, don’t start sexting her after you’ve just said hello a few minutes back. Please just don’t! no matter how tempting the idea might be or how you felt the conversation went. Do not be so presumptuous that you’ll send a sext to her because if she hates it then that’s the end of that love story. Sexting is only cool when you’ve both agreed to do it. Not when you are ready and you think that she is too. If you’ve both not verbally agreed to do it, and she’s not stated that she wants you to do it. Then just don’t even bother it’s not worth the possibility of embarrassment. If you follow this rule then you’ll eventually get your sexting moment and this time it’ll be mutual.

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7. No two people are the same
People have different personalities and preferences. So, just because your ex liked it or two other girls you tried it on were cool with it, doesn’t mean she will be too. People are different and so you have to learn to read in between the lines. If she’s not responding to a joke you made or she’s not flirting back then try something else.

No two people are the same it’s just how it is. And if you like her then you’ll have to understand that she’s different. So the decision is left to you. You could either take the time to learn about her and by doing understand what works and what doesn’t. Otherwise, you could just end things between the two of you before they even had time to blossom. My advice is to take the former instead of the latter. Just see where it leading before you tap out. It might just surprise you.

8.  Don’t over text
Texting her with ‘I love you’ and after you sent several emoji’s and two pictures are just overkill. Ladies love a little mystery. You don’t need to start spilling every thought you have or every single question that comes to you in a text message. She’s just getting to know you and sharing too much information about yourself is just stressful and tiring. I get it you’re excited to be texting her, it feels exhilarating but still stop. If you have to send long 700worded messages to her then perhaps it’ll be better if you just called her and saved you both the stress and the text involved. Think about the appropriate simple response and give it to her. She’s getting to know you, not reading your Wikipedia.

9.   Chill on the ‘Hi’s” and “Hello’s”
One worded texts are great for office conversations but not with a crush. The truth is that it’s dull and unimaginative. You don’t want to put her to sleep, you want to spark her interest and make her look forward to hearing from you again. That won’t happen with a hi and hello text.  Your texts should have a purpose, there should be a reason you sent them not just a bland way of picking up a conversation. Find new and creative ways to talk to her, this leaves her wondering more about you. Before you know it you’ll be the one she’ll be calling to say hear from. But that won’t happen if you’re stuck on simple hi and hello texts. If you feel she might be interested in a particular topic talk about it. Don’t let her start sending ‘ok’ to end your conversations quickly.

10.   Use gifs strategically
Maybe things are a bit dull and you’re struggling to keep the conversation alive so you send a funny gif and she laughs. Don’t overdo it, don’t start pouring in more and more until she thinks about blocking you from her line. Relax a bit and take your time with it. You don’t want a situation where she’ll start blocking your messages or worse avoiding your calls. Think of it as the ultimate game of seduction, you have your tools and special gear. Don’t you waste it. Throwing a gif here and there as a conversational icebreaker is perfect. If she sends one in return it means you’re in a good place but don’t get too comfortable though. The worse thing you’ll want to hear is she calling you her bro. The friendzone is a real threat so avoid it at all costs. Send funny gifs but also flirt a little. Let her know you’re compatible but also there could be something special brewing between the two of you. If she is willing to give it a try.

11    Had a date, tell her how you felt
Don’t be stingy with this information. If you’ve gone on a date with her let them know how you felt and how it was. It doesn’t have to be a secret. Just let her know how you felt and how you’re looking forward to seeing her soon.

After a date, women often wonder if it was as good for them as it was for the other person. A good date would leave a smile on her face. When you add that with the text the she’s practically walking on sunshine. Make your text simple but flirtatious. You want to keep the chemistry going, so when you see each other next there’ll be a lot more to talk about. Also, it helps you know where the other person’s mind is at. So, you don’t have to play the guessing game. From texting her that simple text, you’re establishing that it’s not love yet but I’m very interested. Now, is the time for her to make her decision whether to continue or end it.

12.   Be mindful of your tone
The complicated part of creating text messages is the fact that it can be interpreted in too many different ways because she’s not seeing you nor hearing you. In this situation, a lot of the things you write might be interpreted well or very poorly. Using emoji’s could help in clarifying what tone you’re using but don’t overdo it. The worse thing any girl wants to see is a page full of emojis.

The general idea behind an emoji is to give you expression to best describe those feelings that you can’t quite pen down. So, the writing part is important, it’s just there to aid you in expressing that feeling you can’t or just don’t want to type like the love emoji or any emoji actually.

13.    Read the mood
If the person you’re chatting with isn’t being responsive then it’s an indicator that you need to let the conversation go. Some women aren’t really into texting and that shows in the way they respond to your texts. Learn to read the mood of the conversation, here are some things that you use to monitor if she’s into the chat or not.

  • She doesn’t respond to your messages quickly: Usually, if someone likes you it won’t them long to reply a text you sent. Except if they’re just not feeling you like you thought. If they do care about you. It’ll show.
  • She’s answering all your chats with single worded answers like ok: When you see words like “ok” “yeah” “fine” back to back with every statement you make then perhaps you should chill. It’s not a do or die affair and you’ll probably your efforts with a more responsive partner.
  • She’s not contributing to the conversation: This is a clear indicator that you should stop texting this person. You’re here to meet and hopefully woo someone to get closer to the point of their wanting more. Someone who doesn’t even want to contribute to the convo. Should be left alone.

14.    If she doesn’t reply, don’t worry
Sometimes she might not be able to respond to your messages and it might be because of many reasons that don’t necessarily involve you. She might be going through something right now or she might be uninterested for some other reason. Regardless of where you stand.

Sometimes all you need to do it to give it a little time, she’ll turn around and surprise you. But believing this doesn’t mean you should give her a one-year period of grace. No, if a girl is ready and interested, she’ll come back and probably with an explanation of why she wasn’t available.

15.   Relax
Just because you like this girl doesn’t me you should kill yourself because you want to impress her. I understand that excitement about meeting someone new with the hope of developing something special with them. The good news is if you’ve found this person, you’ll find someone else in good time.

And that is all for now till the next time that I compile more interesting stuff about wooing a woman and getting her to fall in love you. It’s going to take you exactly where you want to be.

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