5 Tips For a Successful First Sugar Date 1

The first date is the key that either locks or unlocks your future sugar relationship. If it goes bad, well, that’s it. Of course, chemistry is the key. If you are truly attracted to each other, it will all work out. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. So here they are, our 5 tips for a successful first sugar date.

1. Be confident

I know, easier said than done, huh? But being overly nervous and insecure can totally kill the vibe for the other person. Don’t come on the date with the mindset that you must sweep the other person off their feet. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Instead, imagine that you are meeting a friend. Just think of it as a chill hangout. And don’t expect any specific outcome. If it goes bad, at least you’ll have a funny story to tell.

2. Put your phone away

I get it, you’re a busy sugar daddy, but still… It makes a bad impression if you constantly check your phone and pick up calls on the date. And if you absolutely must pick up the phone, explain your date why it was urgent. Otherwise she will think that you’re just being disrespectful. Same goes for sugar babes. I know that you wanna take instagram stories of the nice place the sugar daddy took you to, but if you scroll through your feed on your date, he will just get bored.

3. Be present

This relates to what was said above. You have to be present on your date. Don’t think about your previous date that didn’t go so well or the things you need to get done when you come back home. The other person can sense that you are not fully there. Just turn all that noise off and be present on  your date.

4. Choose the location wisely

Choose a place you’ve visited before and where you feel comfortable. We recommend a nice and cosy cafe in which you’d have enough space to talk (remember to have some chewing gum to avoid coffee breath!) or a nice bar for  a couple of drinks (important: don’t get drunk!). These low-key settings will allow you to truly see whether there’s chemistry between the two of you and whether you are actually interested in the other person. If it’s not going well, you don’t have to wait long to finish the date. If everything goes smoothly, you can always take  a nice walk and talk some more. You can leave planning something more exciting for the second date.

5. Finish it right

The end of the first sugar date can be kind of awkward. Should I kiss her or not? What should I say? I had a friend who would always say, if the kiss hasn’t happened throughout the date, don’t enforce it at the end, wait  for the second date. If there will be one. I think it’s better not to kiss a person who wanted you to do so rather than try to kiss someone who is completely disinterested (awkward af).

What is extremely important is to tell your date if you want to meet again. And it doesn’t have to be the  It was nice, let’s do it again cliché. Instead, come up with a concrete idea. For example: I had a lot of fun tonight! Next time, I would like to show you my favorite restaurant, the best steak dinner in town. Avoid generic things… it’s boring. And finish with a hug if that seems appropriate! A little bit of affection never killed anyone.

What else is crucial for the first date? You’ve guessed it right – it’s safety, of course. If you’re a Sugar Daddy, you can read about it here. If you’re a Sugar Babe, keep an eye on our blog next week!

SugarDaters wish you some great first dates in 2020! Or just that one lucky one 😉

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