It sounds so very easy; just wake up, get dressed (or not), get your phone and click the snap button for a sexy selfie. But realistically, it could be very disappointing and not the same.

I have come to realize that sexy selfie that hit the spot –the kind that you save in your confidential album, save for really deserving sextual exchange, upload on social media and it will sure gets thousands of likes and comments in a jiffy –requires a little more practice and finesse . I sucked in taking normal selfie when I got my first front-facing camera, I didn’t know my best angle nor posture, I didn’t know how to combine my lighting and filters, yet I crush at every sexy cute selfie out there, I needed to covet what I love, so I researched, practiced and I learned.

Getting the hang of a sexy selfie demands some good practice and this is why I  will show you some certain tricks that will help you achieve an image that is all natural and cute, and set you on the way to becoming good, better or best at sexy selfies.

Why You Need to Take Selfie the Right Way

You don’t need a reason to take a selfie, or to make it a really sexy selfie. Selfies have become a major part of our lives. It’s a medium to share our personalities with others.  It’s important that we know how to take the right one. With the growth of the use of Instagram and other social media platforms, people have started to share lots of hot sexy stuff. Seeing all this, do you still to need any other good reason for taking selfie the right way?

Rock the sexy selfie looks with some helpful sexy selfie-taking tricks that selfie champions use to look effortless. Whether you’re taking them for yourself or sending them to a special someone, it’s a skill you need to know.

How to Take Sexy Selfie Poses

Taking a perfect selfie is mostly based on what you don’t show as it is based on what you do show. The major deal is to figure out how you can take selfie that will make you feel some type of way but in a special way.
You may just take selfies for your personal gratification, to kill boredom and never showing it to anyone, just for personal consumption. Other days, the need to share hot selfies with the world just comes and if you are going to do this, you have to do it right.

1. There Are No Special Rules
There is no sure ‘shot’ way for how to click Sexy Selfie. Everyone has their individual ways on how to take a perfect selfie. Whether it is normal picture, a sexy selfie or just a good selfie, each one of us has our own idea of an ideal way to get clicked. As everybody has different personalities, different body, and facial structures, there is no particular way to get it the right way. Much of its determining factor is you experimenting, practicing to figuring out what works for your body.

Of course, this article is targeted to help you, but bulk of it, still depends on your practice. Practice they say makes perfect or gets better, whichever way, experiment, explore, practice because, some of the points below may not do an exact justice to your thirst. Everyone is different.

2. Your Mood Is Important
Feeling pretty or sexy comes first within, then without. Most of the times you just feel that sexiness within yourself. Your mood is a killer ingredient in taking a really sexy selfie. The best time to snap is when you are feeling yourself, even though you are not posting or sharing with someone, you can click your sexy selfies at such moments and keep it for the right time. It is necessary that you feel that sexiness within yourself first, then capture the moment.

Seize the moment to get in touch with your sexy and sensual side in true sense. This may not happen if you try to snap a sexy selfie just for the sake of it. Make sure to take that sexy selfie, when you truly feel like it. Well, just not to totally discourage you, you can still snap when you are feeling a bit down, those moments count too. However, the best/hot selfies happen when you are full of confidence and feeling your own skin.

3. Be moderate in your dealings
By this, I don’t mean to say don’t use any makeup, don’t wear push up bras or don’t show a little skin. Rather I want to say that you don’t need to overdo it. Try to keep your poses as natural as possible. Don’t ever forget that less is more sophisticated. You can choose a few poses that you are personally comfortable in. To pose for a selfie, chill out. Stay true to yourself and you will come out rocking the sexy selfie contest.

Don’t force yourself to copy someone else, or your selfie could come out looking like you took it under duress or gun point. Making use of your own poses will help you add that bit of sexy element all by yourself within your convenience. This way, you can surely achieve that hot/sexy selfie looks, you have been coveting and become more confident within yourself.

4. Choose Your Outfit Wisely
The best selfies are when you’re feeling confident and sexy. Choose outfits that enhance your overall look and makes you feel sexy. If you know your curves are worth flaunting, flaunt them, wear a little skin tight clothes; if your collar bones are beautiful and sexy, flaunt it, wear beautiful off-shoulder tops if you have slender waist choose the outfit that will be in your favor.

The whole point is to wear what makes you feel sexy for that sexy selfie. If you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, that definitely shows in your selfie. So make sure to choose that perfect dress to get that super confident, sexy selfie.

5. Make Use of Proper Lightening
Lighting is another secret ingredient in taking a very sexy selfie and taking it right. Though, it seems like lights don’t make any much difference, that’s a misconception. What is camera without lighting? Using the proper amount of lighting will enhance your selfies to a great level. You can take a perfect sexy selfie with the proper amount of lighting around you and you will come out breath-taking. Also, make use of the natural lighting within that room as much as you can. Check for various angles in your camera for correct lighting effect on your selfie. Let the natural light and the camera light sync. Remember that the correct amount of lighting effect, will enhance your best features. Spend time to explore the various light, to find the perfect angel for that super sexy selfie.


6. Know Your Best Features
This takes time. This is why I mentioned experimenting and exploring earlier. It’s not easy to find out what all your good features is at a glance. Study yourself consciously and you will come up with what exactly are your best features, this will help you know exactly how to flaunt them sexily. Take your time, study your body, your looks, observe what special features you have that makes you look attractive. Ask your friends, check what your regular compliments from people is. It may be your curves, your collar bones, jawline, dimple, butt, burst or something as simple and beautiful as your smile. Once you get to know your best features, make sure to flaunt them in your selfies.

7. Use Your Filter
The filter in your camera, was not a dumb move to just occupy space, it is for enhancement, use it. People these days, go to the extent of using photoshop, to get the effect the want. I am not advocating for photoshop. That is a complete change from your original self. But your filter will do a lot more good to getting you a super sexy selfie than you can imagine. Use your filter to enhance a few features to make your picture look good.

If you feel that a particular filter makes your picture look sexy, go for it. You can filter out your face inadequacies, some pimples, black spots or probably some marks here and there. This will not change your overall look. Just make sure not to use a lot of filters so that people can actually recognize you in real life

8. Use the Best Accessories
Use accessories like the mirror to get a perfect selfie picture of your back or butt. As I earlier said, flaunt your goodies, if you have them. A mirror works wonders if you wish. All you need is a full-length mirror and a good front-facing camera to get that perfect butt or back selfie and thank me later. You can click various sexy selfies from all sides, which will add a whole lot of sensual and sexy element to a selfie. Go back to your selfie stick, it will help you to flaunt your curves as well as to get a full-length sexy selfie.

9. Experiment
As I have already said before there is no one sure shot way to get a sexy selfie. Take your time, try out things that work for you. Don’t be afraid to try, you must not save it nor share it with anyone. Always keep on experimenting on new poses; play around with different angles of your camera; try to work on different facial expressions. Feel free to explore and keep experimenting. Maybe it will help you uncover some new sensual and sexual side within yourself.

Now, let’s look at the best 7 sexy poses to get you super sexy selfie

1. Be Flexible: Do you know how to do splits and stunts? Why not capture the moments, because doing these splits and stunts are within your comforts. Flexibility is not common, not everyone can achieve that and its super sexy, if you are intending to share it with someone. Whether you’re doing the bridge, yoga poses, handstand, or splits, this will surely get anyone’s attention.

2. Use a full length mirror: I have mentioned it earlier, mirror does a bunch of magic to creating a super sexy selfie. If there is a mirror within your reach, do not hesitate to use it for your selfies. Mirrors are great for selfies as you can play around with different angles, try getting full body shots. Try over-the-shoulder shot, this will show off your curves

3. Try lying on your stomach: This one sounds familiar, because it is one of the first discovered pose and it is for a good reason. You can’t go wrong with this pose. It’s captivating, its alluring, it’s sexy, and it hooks you in. This will enhance and show off your curves while still being playful, cute and sweet. Manipulate your hair to your best angle and let your beauty and simplicity flow naturally.

4. Side body shot: Never hold your camera directly in front of you. Always hold it to your side, it works best most of the time to get the best angle. If you know Kendall Jenner, you will understand this point better. When you look directly into the camera, it will give an illusion of a large face and will make pictures look quite odd instead of sexy. Doing the side body shot is essentially great if you’re hoping to increase your booty. Your curves look their best on this angle, as it elongates your body, and it will help you give that extra spark in your eyes as well.

5. That morning selfie: Don’t share this with someone, if you have not tried it severally on your own before. This is because, not so many of us can actually pull this off the right way.  To get this perfectly, you need to have tried it over and over, until your face or body gets use to the camera every morning.  At this point, you are nothing but flawless. When you tell people that was an early morning shot, they will think, it’s your secret margin. At last, early morning selfie can be hot and sexy, if you give yourself a couple of minutes to wake up. While you are under the covers, try taking a photo of yourself in bed

6. Lying on Your Back: Wow! This is pretty suggestive. If you are not planning on sharing this with your partner, it may send the wrong message to the wrong person. However, if you’re going to be sending it to your partner. First thing; make sure your bed is clean! Lay on your back, take the shot above you. Whether you wear clothes, underwear or absolutely nothing, it doesn’t count anymore because this will automatically make you look sexy.

7. Add your friends: Selfies doesn’t always have to be just you. Your friends are welcome. Selfies done right with friends can produce the noisy hot spot you want. You may not go all out in the shots, but having shots with friends can produce some great fun. You can achieve this just anywhere you please, whether in the pool, park, party, or in class, just have fun and enjoy yourself.


Take some time in, wheel in your confidence, and remember to score some fun while playfully, but artfully mastering the art of sexy selfies. Whoa the world with your next shot.

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