A survivor, Andrea, shares the story of how she coped and survived. She found love (or thought she did) in a man who was a pillar and support system for her, but when the chips were down, and when her faith came into the equation, she found she was alone. 

From the height of a blossoming relationship and love story to an unwanted end, mired in over two years of being cheated on, she emerged from the rubble of a failed love.

She thought she had found 'the one.' She even brought her family and friends along on the amorous ride, only to be shocked out of all senses when she choose to be faithful to her Maker. 

Here is her story, and all she did to hold her sanity, self-belief, and esteem. Her story is another proof that you too can survive even the darkest of nights.

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    Surviving Heartbreaks: How We Coped and Survived

    A compilation of the top stories from real people, with lessons, coping strategies, quotes, affirmations, and ways to they got their shine back. 

    Only $12

    surviving heartbreaks

    How We Coped and Survived