Masturbation can your sexual urges. It's ok if you are tired of getting yourself off with just your bare hands. It's ok if you are already used to it and it's no longer exciting. It's ok if for any reason, you don't have any sex toys at the moment.

There are interesting and suitable household items good for masturbation, that will give you ultimate orgasm, just the way you crave it.

Our hands are ours and they are not going anywhere, you can always run to it anytime. Sex toys are exciting for masturbation too but, none of the household sex toys below will beat the effectiveness of an actual sex toy and masturbation is self sex, which cannot also beat intercourse-having an actual partner.

But if you're on a budget or too shy to enter a sex shop and still cannot purchase a sex toy online, again, there are many interesting and suitable household items good for masturbation that can do a heck of a job, making your sexual exploits a little more exciting.

Since these items are not primarily intended for sexual use, it's important that you be cautious with each of the items suggested below and make sure they're thoroughly cleansed, otherwise they could potentially cause irritation, contagion or abrasions.

Also try to protect yourself, even after cleansing the area, keep a layer between you and it, such as underwear, sweatpants, a t-shirt or towel. This will protect yourself, enhance the rubbing sensation, and even help to soak up any secretions you may omit.

Follow these 20 interesting and suitable household items good for masturbation and have some fun!

1. Pillow
If you want to add a little something new to your sex life without spending a dime, start thinking ‘pillow’. As for how these pillows are being used as a sex toy, one can only assume it's for humping, since pillows are not very good penetrative devices.

Stack a bunch of pillows together and grind on top of them to masturbate. Grind till it is effortless. Pillows are great tools to build up your arousal and ultimately drive you to a zenith. You want a pillow that is hard enough to push back against your sex and create that grinding sensation. This may take  some effort, but if done right, can be totally satisfying. 

FYI: you can also try propping a bunch under your hips during sex to feel
your guy even more deeply.

Anything resembling a penis can be used for penetration purposes. Cucumber, carrot, banana, purple eggplants etc. are all great choices. If it can be inserted and have a smooth surface you can have an orgasm with it. This is generally a sex weapon!

All you have to do is look at a well-endowed carrot or cucumber to know that someone, somewhere, has eyed it as being something more than just food. Masturbating with any of these vegetable and fruit, can give you orgasm.

All you need for preparation could be a little anointing with healthy liquid such as cocoanut oil. Once the surface is sleek, you simply glide on it, guiding it to your juice-box. Masturbation with a fruit-toy is now a norm, especially as you are not limited to size or human weight. You are totally in control, and it can be as effective in satisfying you as a dick-toy. Only progress with an open mind.

3. Hairbrush
Some women turn to their hairbrush as a makeshift sex toy. If you wrap the handle of a girly hairbrush with a condom, you can use it for a dildo! Just make sure you actually cover it with a condom, in case there are any weird plastics you don’t want leeching into your vagina. But the various textures that hairbrush handles come in are sure to be a nice addition to your sex toy collection. 

Drive your mind into imaginations of actual sex actions. As a tool, the hairbrush is generally handy and quite an effective sex toy for masturbation. 

20 Interestingly Suitable Household Items Good for Masturbation 1

4. Electric Toothbrush
Don't you think that this was the world’s first vibrator? Vibration provides repetition and consistency, something humans cannot do with so much ease. The vibrating sensations of an electric toothbrush can be gentle enough to feel spectacular. Especially when it comes on-the-spot for pleasuring, it definitely makes a lot of sense. Additionally, many of these items can be charged, which means you can save money on batteries. Try using your toothbrush to masturbate by holding it externally against your clit. This electric sex toy is easy to handle and maneuver with when it comes to seeking the inner crevices of your clit. You can totally depend on splitting the sensual pores with this rather small tool, owning to its vibrating magic.

5. Candle
One can only assume that candles are being used for penetration or to stimulate in other ways with hot wax, and you may be close to the fact. Candle isn’t as intimidating as you might think. Whether you’re using massage candles or regular candles you have at home, wax play can be a sexy foreplay activity that encourages you and your partner to slow it down. Think about creating an edge with its length. Some candles come in better sizes and can give real masturbating pleasures. Its sleek shape makes up for the overly smoothness of the surface. For some deep penetrating, determine what size works for you and enjoy the thrusts.

FYI: Be Be mindful the candles you’re using aren’t beeswax as they can burn!

6. Marker or Pen
Some women have actually used marker or pen. If it can be inserted, has a smooth surface or vibrates you can have an orgasm with it. Think about it, for an office ‘self- stimulated-quickie,’ the marker can come very handy. This can be a life saver if you cannot wait to get home to get it over with. Simply slip and slide into your hot spot. And even if you simply use it to grope or poke at your clit, it can still spur a spreading pleasure all through your spine. What’s more, it is a free or cheap sex toy readily available.

7. Remote control
Although the thought of a woman using a remote control as a sex toy can definitely make one's mind run wild, because remote controls really come in all shapes and sizes, it's safest if we just imagine a standard remote control when planning to use it for other reasons than controlling the Television set. Think about palming the thicker side of your clit right through your panties. Arousal us sure, even without actual penetration. But should you happen to come in possession with a rather cylindrical remote control, then right there in your hand is a homemade sex toy for masturbation.

8. Plastic Bottles
Wine, beer, and soda bottles. Make it safe be concentrating on the the skinnier end. Avoid glass for the obvious reasons. Plastic travel bottles are also useful, as are those little containers filled with water you find on the bottom of store-bought flowers. Focus on direct clit-plays. It is a convertible sex toy for masturbation, but may require some creativity.

9. Washing machine
Turn on the spin cycle, cop a squat on top, and let the washing machine do all the work while it cleans your laundry. If you're standing, you can straddle your labia around the edge where the sides meet, or bending over, part them, and push back onto the point. The vibration is large enough to influence the bones and areas inside of the body that will stimulate the G area or even the P spots, depending on your genitals.

Additionally, intercourse on top of the laundry machine can also be incredibly stimulating and erotic. Encourage your guy to take you on top of the washing machine and let the rumbling do its thing.

10. Tablespoon
Grab a tablespoon from your drawer, warm up the metal between your hands, rest the round underneath your clit and labia, and rub the round part in a circular motion on your clit when you're sick of using your own fingers. Anything with a polished surface that'll glide across your skin like coconut oil, and you've got a sex toy made of everyday kitchen tool.

11. Shower head
Your shower head can make for a fantastic clitoris stimulator, If you haven't tried this out yet, turn your shower on, and experiment with a variety of temperature settings and speeds. Many masturbation’s first orgasm was produced by this baby. The steady flow of water and pressure can lead to some excellent orgasms and pleasure because of the stimulation. If you have a removable showerhead, try masturbating with it and let the warm water spray your clit. Just keep things external and make sure you’re not actually like, hosing your vagina out. Get yourself comfortable in the shower, turn the water on, and have a good time.

12. Scarf or Thigh-High Stockings
Head into your closet and grab some of your scarves or thigh-high stockings. Scarves and stockings can be used directly on the body during foreplay. Either using them to masturbate through the material, or dragging it along the skin to provide a different sensation. It is the disguised sex toy from your closet.

13. Ice Cubes
There are many ways to incorporate ice cubes into sex. You can use ice cubes to gently run them over nipples and genitalia. You can hold the ice cube and warm it with your hand to control where the drips go. During hot summer day, you can use an ice cube to cool your genitals off. It’ll give them a tingling sensation that’ll get you in the mood. Also try them out during oral sex. Going back and forth between the heat of someone's mouth versus the chill of the ice can put you into sensory overload.

14. Bathtub Faucet
While the handheld shower head may be a more effective and buzz-worthy household sex toy for masturbation, you can also use the bathtub faucet to get the same effect. Just lay down on your back with your legs vertically against the wall, and let the water stimulate your clitoris. Be sure to keep the water on the colder side to avoid burning something. You sure, wouldn't want to explain this in an emergency room. The bathtub faucet can be as effective as the shower head if used with appropriate caution.

15. Spatula
Into spanking? Head to the kitchen for a spatula. Forget the cake for today, use it for masturbation. To get the best results, seek out spatulas made from rubber or silicone. Or, if you have neither, a wooden spoon can work, too. The spatula is a great tool to use during foreplay. If you’re getting yourself aroused, either alone or with a partner, take the spatula and spank yourself with it. However, before engaging in any kind of sexual activity, it’s imperative to have a conversation with your partner about consent, boundaries, and intentions.

16. Back Massager
The key to the back massager is its vibration capabilities. A back massager already has many settings to play around with and can deliver a much more intense orgasm. If you want a stronger setting, you just hit the switch, and you’ll be that much closer to reaching orgasm.

17. Your Phone
There are other things your phone can be used for aside communication and social media functions. You can masturbate with it. In order to masturbate with your phone, download a vibration app, and play around with the various intensity levels. There are tons of apps out there that can turn your phone into a DIY vibrator. Just be sure to clean your phone before you start masturbating with it, you wouldn't want to rub your vulva on every surface you’ve ever put your phone on, would you?

18. Chair:
Who says you need a partner to ride cowgirl? Find yourself a study chair and stack some pillows on the seat and hold onto the back of the chair for stability while you ride yourself off into orgasm. You should be good in bed even if you're the only one there.

19. Table
One of the most underrated household items when it comes to sex: the humble table. Being propped up on a table can make penetrative sex way easier for you and a partner if you’re of different heights and allows you to control the depth of the penetration in case certain horizontal positions make your cervix feel like it’s the end of days.

20.Banana Peel
Guys, here you go. This is a great way to get off. Go to the store and buy the biggest green banana you can find. Cut about 2 inches off one end. Carefully, with a long spoon, scoop out all the inside fruit. Now, once you've cleaned it out, put some warm water in the banana. OK, drain the water out. (An average size cock is no problem with this, but if you are huge, you're going to blow the banana apart.) Now make a small hole at the bottom of the banana (this is to release the vacuum). Carefully insert your cock into the warm banana. The sensation is just fantastic! Jerk off until you're happy.
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