Finding true love after 50 is not the same as finding love at 20. A single woman dating over 50 is more particular, straightforward and certain about what she wants in her man. She is certain about her dating deal breakers; she is not going to just want to try her chances with men, she doesn’t have much time and energy to waste as a lady in her mid-twenties.

Mature men and women, who have lost their mate, are often more discerning when looking for their next romantic partner.

What is a deal-breaker in a relationship?

Dating deal breakers are character qualities and lifestyle differences that are not compatible with a long term relationship. These are qualities a man has that you cannot tolerate in your life, or they are qualities a man must have to date you. They are the things that determine the success of any union, the basic needs, and requirements that must be met for the relationship to progress.

Unlike the mature men, single women after 50 don’t have tolerance for their deal-breakers. I don’t mean sugar mommies, I am talking of finding true love after 50. The mature men can tolerate their deal-breakers, that is why you see a man stay in a relationship with a woman for years and years, yet he won’t marry her. He can tolerate the qualities he doesn’t like just to get the fun and sex, but may not be able to trust her to build a home and future with him.

The mature men tend to have more chances at dating than mature women, but mature women find true love faster than mature men.

Mature men often date younger women in an attempt to recapture the excitement and passion of their youth or so they think. Yet, some mature men do not want to date younger women, they feel threatened and insecure with a younger woman, the age difference is a challenge for them to share conversation and common interests. Therefore, these men may not be so many but they prefer the intelligence, wisdom, and sexuality of the older woman and they will choose to be with a woman close to their age. If they lost a chunk of their assets in a divorce, they will avoid financially deficient women.

The mature men who want to date and marry women in their age are not so many, the mature woman needs to go the extra mile than the other women her age to attract the man who wants to date and marry a woman his age. This makes her vulnerable, but with dating deal breakers in place, she can safely navigate her way to the right man’s heart. 

If you want a quality man to leave other single women, both the younger and those in your age bracket, you will need to outshine them. You may need a makeover. Engage in few more exercises, lose some weight and get your body in shape. Use anti-aging skincare products that can genuinely remove or reduce lines and wrinkles from your beautiful face. Dress well, don’t go for clothes that are currently in vogue, go for clothes that are in the best colors, enhance your selling point, fit your body shape and show your fashion personality. Have a bit of a class. Less is always classy.

Doing some of these pamperings will not only enhance your appearance, but it will also increase your confidence, awaken your femininity and arouse a man’s masculinity; and possibly his interest too.

Women and men are not so different, we all have our unique dating deal-breakers that range from almost nothing to something deeply offensive. However, women have a lot more dating deal-breakers.

Here are 10 dating deal-breakers you should know before finding love after 50.

Poor Health
This is a major deal-breaker for most mature men and women. Granted, it can be difficult to find a mature man or woman who is in his/her best health conditions. Yet, no one wants to spend the remaining part of his/her years nursing another grown individual.

Yet again, you may never know who will stay healthy, get ill or need financial help. But,  if you meet someone who is already battling with poor health and financial troubles, it is always safer to be sure you know what you are getting involved in and taking that on is a wise choice.

Financial Instability
When a man loses a chunk of his asset in a divorce, he is very careful when choosing a romantic partner. He tends to avoid any financially unstable woman.

10 Dating Deal-Breakers To Know Before Finding True Love After 50

Dishonesty of any kind is an absolute deal-breaker for in finding true love, especially for someone who has been disappointed before. Lies. Once a liar, always a liar.

Unemployed or not having a steady income.
Being out of work is a deal-breaker for virtually all mature women. If you are just in changing from one job to another, it is different, but being unemployed means that you are not where you want to be and you may not be financially stable. You have to have a job and know how to keep a job.

Though one can be employed still lack ambition, and a lack of ambition is a serious dating deal-breaker on its own. You don’t have to have incredibly lofty goals, but you must have some goals to keep you focused and confident.

Poor Hygiene
Nothing turns off a mature man or woman faster than someone who doesn’t take care of him/herself and makes an effort to stay fresh and nice. If someone cannot pay attention to the small details such as clean clothes and other physical appearances, how can you be able to judge how they will take care of their surroundings? Proper dental hygiene is a must.

If someone is not investing time into his/her health and body, it’s a huge red flag. It only goes to tell that such a person is looking for someone to heap the responsibility of their life on.

Lack of self-care is a serious dating deal-breaker because it indicates underlying issues, including a lack of self-love. Proper grooming is vital.

10 Dating Deal-Breakers To Know Before Finding True Love After 50

Children and Family
Family is important to most single mothers but when the man is finding it difficult to hang out or spend time with the family, it becomes a deal-breaker. If you are looking for love again after 50, it is always better to go for someone who will accept the whole of you and not leaving anything behind. A man who will make the effort to be accepted by your family.

When you meet someone who loves children and still desires to have children, but you don’t like children and wouldn’t want to have any kids. It is a common dating deal-breakers.

Smokes or does drugs
You hate cigarettes and you don’t do drugs, but meet someone who does. It is a standard very hard to compromise. Nonsmokers don’t want to deal with the smell of cigarettes.

Money Obsession
Some matured men who have got some money often try to show off or impress their women with material trophies. It turns most women off, especially women who have found their worth and pride. Allow your women the privilege to judge whether or not they are impressed with you.

Hooked on their ex.
When you still carry your ex everywhere you go. It is a dating deal-breaker. Leave the ex at the door. If you are broken and need fixing, fix yourself before you attempt to begin a relationship.

Being rude is a red flag that you probably have underlying issues such as a bad temper and more. You are dating a mature woman, you have no business being rude whatsoever.

Poor communication.
Healthy communication in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. Communication is the rock of every relationship.  The conversation should flow for two of you. If you meet someone who doesn’t respect nor value your opinions and advice, it is a huge dating deal-breaker on its own. Talk things out whether they are good or bad. Don’t talk too much or too little.

Most of these mature men and women have had a fair share with unreliable people, they are looking for someone who will put the relationship first. Someone they will never doubt about watching their backs Someone they can build the future with. They are looking for someone that they can lean on and the events of life together.

Anything other than that, it is a dating deal-breaker.

Religious and Belief Differences.
Sometimes, we can compromise some qualities and tolerate a few others, but some factors decide the foundation of every relationship, and one of such factors is religion and belief. Shared faith allows a couple to solidify their connection with one another and builds a unity that cannot be achieved when you do not have the same beliefs. When there is a gap in belief and religion, it is a huge dating deal breaker.

Temperament incompatibility.
This is a serious deal-breaker for everyone. Some people would prefer to stay indoors and live quiet, while others love life, adventure, travel, and physical activities.

When you meet someone whom you doubt that your temperament is a match, you may need to check your dating deal breakers again. In a long term commitment, it is always beautiful sharing the things you love with one another.

 Make sure your lifestyles and temperaments are compatible.

Alcohol use can be a dating deal-breaker to anyone. Some people have zero tolerance for people who cannot handle their alcohol intake, people who are mean drunk. They can’t put themselves together. It is okay to share a glass of wine with someone at the end of the day but know your limit. You are not in competition with anyone.

The right relationship happens when you know what is important in love and commitment and you are determined to get the best. Do not be passive about dating and allowing yourself to fall into a dating trap with someone who is not worthy of your love, devotion, and affection.

Having standards is not being unrealistic,  it is knowing yourself and what you can comfortably live within a long term relationship leading to marriage.

If you do the best with what you have, and you still don’t get the attraction you desire, you should remind yourself that there are things we can change and others we cannot control.

I guarantee whatever deal breakers you skip over now, will become major conflicts in your relationship in the future.

It’s better to know what your deal breakers are and whether your partner has them before you get too far into a new relationship.

Wouldn’t these deal breakers limit the chances of mature women finding love? Is there no place of compromise and tolerance in a relationship for mature women?

Why do mature women still settle for love with all these dating deal-breakers?

#1. The fear that they may not find another man. This fear silences the choice of sticking with deal breakers. Men may be scarce but deal breakers are not in favor of a long term commitment. The purpose of dating is to ascertain compatibility, not to lower your standards

#2. Thinking that she can change him. Accepted, most people have some redeemable qualities, but that is not enough to establish a solid foundation when differences are very obvious.

#3. Thinking they can manage. All relationships require compromise, but not deal breakers. Unrealistic expectations are not the same as a personal standard. Being alone is much better than being in the wrong relationship.

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