Traveling brings different things to different people. It has never really been only about landing your destination. To some, it’s a time to join the mile high club, a time to experiment cramped sex in the toilet; to another, it is a time to watch different people make spectacles of themselves under the blanket or just on their chairs. Get ready to have your curiosity fully satisfied with answers to what the mile club is.

Don’t get it twisted, traveling is always a great experience, a hobby for some, and curiously, a time to join the mile high club for others. Traveling is something to look forward to, especially if it is not for business or work. You get to see a lot of beautiful places and meet interesting people. Though traveling connotes different meanings for different people. When I board a plane, I always have a lot of things that will unconsciously occupy my mind. Sometimes, it could be bothering thoughts, concerns, fantasies and even daydream. Yeah, sleep is always on the list. Amazingly, not every traveler shares the same list as me. Some people practically can’t wait for the take-off. You would be thinking that their excitement is about landing on time, but that is not always the reality, counting from experience. It’s just about getting busy on the plane!

Have you ever wondered what mile high club means? Do you have it in your bucket sexual list? Do you have intentions to become a member? Or you are already a full member of the club. Let’s clear some doubts about what you should know before getting your membership form into the Mile high club. 

What is the Mile High Club?
Well, there is no membership form into the mile high club. It is not a real club with membership, fees, and monthly remittance. There is no reward, discount or recognition. It is merely a slang term for people who have had sex during a flight. You know, ‘doing it’ in the sky. ‘Mile’ alludes to the high altitude of air travel and ‘club’ refers to the act’s rarity and exclusivity. It is not very common as some people like me, are naive enough to entertain the thoughts of hooking up in a small spaced toilet, with filthy potty underneath, while others are only staying away because they wonder what the law will do to them if they are caught. 

I mean, it’s hard to have sex on an airplane, especially if you’re going to be doing it in a tiny room with a vacuum toilet always menacingly close. I really wonder how that can be people’s fantasy because it does sound nightmarish to the ear. 

the mile high club subtle orgy

I can try to understand why people can suddenly get the urge to catch a quickie while several thousand feet high in the air. Yes, the plane vibration can lead to arousal especially for men, but again, a plane’s toilet seat can be gross. Don’t forget they are just chemical toilets and usually have a pretty pungent odor at the best of times. 

Well, it is all personal choices. People have their reasons for joining the mile high club and if there is nothing intriguing and exciting about the club, there won’t be new members every time.

Yet despite the risks involved, hooking up on the plane is a common fantasy, Something that many people actually act out. Even with the nasty gross things that come with the thought of hooking up on a plane toilet, I mean, there is barely room for one, let alone too. I just hope the in-flight adventure is always worth it.

If you’re looking forward to catching some in-flight entertainment, I’d probably suggest you stick to the movies.

Is the Mile High Club Against The Law?
The Mile High Club might be exclusive and tempting but, consider that while no state law might be applicable if no one sees you, there is a law against public indecency. There are some offenses you are at risk of committing. If you have sex in public or do some stupid stuff like getting naked in front of a bunch of kids, then yes, you can be arrested and charged. This is probably why most people, don’t have a better option than to head to the toilets to stamp their entry into the legendary mile high club. Otherwise, the police are likely to be waiting for the plane when it lands wherever you are going.

There’s a difference between getting down to it in your airline seat and heading to the toilets. It’s not illegal to do it in the toilet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get shamed. Don’t tell me that you believe no one sees you. There are flight attendants who work on planes full time. Do you really think they can’t see you and your partner sneak into the toilet for a quickie, or even the other passengers mounting outside the door on a queue? You will probably be noticed. This is why some times, congratulations are announced over the intercom, and others pop champagne for the pair leaving the toilet. Because they know you have just got some. How are you supposed to both get out of the toilet without it looking super obvious?

Okay, almost everyone knows the routine; how you announce your entrance into the loo. You or your partner actually decide who gets in first and give some space before admitting the second person and your fun starts. How can you even fit in? The toilet is gross and small. Have you even thought of what could happen if another passenger beats your partner to the queue?

What Could Go Wrong?
The mere thought of mile high club is embedded with feelings of curiosity, adventure and excitement. Just the thought that you can be caught or not caught is tempting. The idea that you can be a spectacle is also fascinating. Maybe that’s why so many people find it an attractive option. It’s exciting because of the thrill. I think for some people, it’s just about wanting to cross it off their sexual bucket list and, of course, brag about it afterward.

Sure, it’s the thrill of it all, the spontaneity. Most people don’t dig safety, I mean safety is not always appealing, people want to go over the edge sometimes. Well, I will give it in this time, adventure is an intriguing feeling, but there may always be consequences. Whatever rocks your life or floats your boat, but is the awkward feeling of taking your walk of shame in front of a plane load of people worth it? You had probably regret a romantic tryst with a stranger if you hooked up with just another passenger. There is something about planes that makes people feel different. Locking eyes with someone across the aisle feels more like fate and less creepy than usual. Until the heat is released and your sanity is returned. It is absolutely not something you would be proud to take home with you as a souvenir!

What is more likely to happen if you are caught? It is a federal offense not to comply with crew member instruction. This means that, if a flight attendant asks you to stop doing something, you need to stop doing it immediately or face the consequences, like authorities getting called on you. 

Yes, the airline can also issue you a notice not to return. Most courts would even enforce a ban. This is up to the specific airline, but they are well within their rights to stop you from booking flights with them, provided they can prove that they are not discriminating against you for other reasons, e.g. a disability you might have, or because of your age or gender.

Another possibility that can spoil the fun is the door can be opened from the outside. There are people waiting in the queue and people staying in the toilets for a long time can be a safety risk on board, and if flight attendants get worried, they can open the door from the aisle. And catch you with your pants literally off. Always remember that lock is not invincible and you could be caught by the cabin crew and passenger with your trousers literally down.

Is the Mile High Club As Popular As It Used To Be?
Mile high club used to be breaking news in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but these days, it does not make so much impact in the ears. In fact irregular travelers wouldn’t even know what it means and those that knows does not even pay any more attention than the pay to when they hear FWB. What do you think could be the reason for this? The legendary mile high club not having any more influence than years back. well, you know one thing with trends, when it’s in vogue, it gets all the tongues and attention, but when people get used to the trend, they hardly flinch at the sight or mention of it. This goes to say that it’s not considered as bawdy as it used to be. Perhaps we are not as easily shocked or surprised as we once were when mile high club first became a thing.

What used to be a shock or taboo in the ’80s has become a norm with us in this dispensation. Things that are considered surprising in the ‘80s, is today a common and a normal part of our lives. Yet again, it could also mean that people are a lot more discreet and careful in handling their stuff than they ever were before.

Whether popular today or not, whether trending today or not, whether people are being a lot more sneaky about it these days or not, let’s accept the fact that, the mile high club will always be around. People’s fascination for adventure and indecency will never come to a complete end.

Practically, I am not certain I can ever be tempted to try it. Just the idea of being caught or seen, to the possible awkward walk of shame down the plane aisle, its already a turn-off. The plane toilet is not an option, considering the tiny space, the unhealthy environment and the long queue of people waiting to get a chance to use the loo. A plane toilet is not an erotic zone. In fact, because of how tiny it can be, even without a queue, the rattling can be quite obvious to anyone sitting near the door. I certainly would not have any reason to enjoy it. I mean, what if there is turbulence? Can you imagine the door flying open when you are in such awkward position? 

However, it is still a personal deal whether or not it’s something you feel you can or cannot do. People have their fantasies and preferences. People want to be spontaneous and do something that is not considered sane, just for the fun of adventure.

Most plane attendants are well-used to dealing with tricky situations and knowing when unsuitable activities are going on, but they may not always be on the lookout for people sneaking off to the toilets for this kind of fun. Normally they would see couples engaging in passionate clinches in the bathroom away from prying eyes and behind a locked door, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be reported if you are caught, I mean it can attract up to six months in prison term. To be honest, prison should not even be your primary concern, you should be far more concerned with your health and safety first.

So, now that you know what is the mile high club, what do you think? Sure, you could have sex up in the sky, but would you want to? If you have joined already, share your experience, did you have fun? Was it really very alluring as it sounds? How did you pull it off? Help us understand better, what the fascination with the mile high club is? What is the ‘something’ about doing it in the sky?

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