There is a common notion that all there is to Sugar mamas and papas to sugar babies is wrapped around sex. Well, it is way beyond that. Trust me when I say, I want all I can with my sugar daddy as I would have considered doing to my partner.

All I want is not far-fetched from the regular expensive dinner dates to ‘Netflixing’ and chilling, occasional shopping spree, planned vacation – we can tag bae-cation and exclusive dating. This makes it an adventurous dating experience.

 We desire someone to have a decent conversation with, share ideas and plans for the future and have cozy moments, this and much more would you require with your partner, why not your Sugar daddy or Sugar baby. Although we desire a lot more from our sugar lovelies, we also should have something to give that is satisfying. Understand that they also run away from something is why we are in the picture.

 Here is a list of some arrangements that would work and you can consider it great.

a. Special dining invites
There is something about food that brings people closer than expected. The ‘blesser’ is not left out, you can go adventurous on the meals and try delicacies, there is obviously no crime in trying out new meals. At the point of making tasty meals, you know not the level of freedom and convenience built-in for that relationship. Call up your sugar baby or sugar daddy/mummy and spice up for the first time or already established connect. Thank me

b. Instagram co-star (Influencer parte)
There is something about growing together which is why this is a great way to start or grow an already existing sugar relationship. It is of common fact that the sugar relationship is between the younger and older generations, but I write to tell you, it is a façade. You can enjoy a blissful sugar relationship with your peers. Having a sugar relationship with your peer will help you structure your social media status and create a bond. Ever heard of ‘power couple’, the universe merges the forces of the two parties to greatness. Look inward and connect for growth on a social scale.

Sugar datign relationship

c. Exclusivity Relationship
This obviously might not be the case in certain situations but understanding the level of understanding to how open or closed the sugar arrangement is, is quite satisfying and eye-opening. “I want to be with you and you alone and I want the same from you” is the most basic it gets. This arrangement is fun and explorative as you can do all and be safe if you know what I mean *winks*. The most understanding is if both parties can accept physical excesses and personality traits. It can be pleasing or in the least tolerated, open your cards here before you take that dive.

d. Business travel companion
You do not need to be in the same industry before this happens, but leaps of faith can be planned for. Plan a business trip together putting your ‘sugar companion’ in mind. The spark becomes lit because it could be exotic, adventurous. This is my favorite part; I get to know new places with someone I care about, share memories and take on new feats with my sugar companion not forgetting business – networking is key.

e. Monthly shopping spree
This is a ‘one-timer’ but understand that it is a thoughtful action. And from the onset of this act, you both learn about fashion ideas, fashion statements, and master the art of stepping up to the plate together fashionably.

f. Holiday trip companion
Remember I mentioned ‘bae-cation’? It comes to play here. Sugar dating is very fun-filled and adventurous when you do it right and with the right person. Take a step to learn cultures and traditions, meet new people together and enjoy each other’s company because that is all that matters at times like that. It is not streamlined to a trip, it varies to also hangouts, parties and alone time together. You know not how much you tend to learn on such trips. It is fun, maximize this approach.

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