You sincerely started out well as flings, friends with benefit, hookup, booty call or whatever name it is for you. Your arrangement spelt ‘no strings attached.’ But things are beginning to feel a little awkward. You are scared, you think your fling is developing something deep for you.

It’s doesn’t smell like just a fling anymore. You don’t think you can keep up and this may probably lead to losing what you two have at the moment.

Well, before your hookup ‘hook’ on you, there are some signs that consciously or unconsciously tip you off. If observant or aware of these signs, you will not be surprised into something you never prepared for.

People often wonder why it is possible to keep and maintain a casual relationship in movies and never possible in real lives. Well, that is show biz for you. I’d say it’s quite possible in real life but not exactly easy. We are talking about two grown people, with individual will-power, having blood and water flow through their body, plus fantasies and wild imaginations flying up and down their minds.

Yet, it is possible to keep one but not always easy, because it appears that at the end, someone starts catching feelings and wanting more.

I have been on that side where the person is falling hard, I really didn’t handle it well. Though none of the sides is better. You appreciate your arrangement for what it is and not for what it is becoming and you are very scared of getting hurt or being ignored.

I know it’s hard but you need to step up and be the bigger person, handle the situation without crushing anyone’s ego. However, before any of these, you need to be sure that it’s not just mere assumptions, you have to be sure that your hook up is really catching feelings for you.

Casual relationships are pretty commonplace nowadays, but even if you’re both trying to keep it simple, there are certain and unsuspecting times where it can actually become just the opposite.

Whether you call them flings, hook ups, or friends with benefits, here are 19 glaring signs that it could be turning into something a bit more serious.

1. You guys go to movies together
A hookup is a bedroom scene. A booty call doesn’t really go out of the bedroom. Once hanging out is included, it is changing scene. Outings are a clear sign of the transformation and evolution of the bond between you two. If he is always hyped up about exploring places and having adventures with you. This obviously can only mean one thing; that he is liking you and enjoys spending time with you.  

2. A lot of texting
You know about that weird old classmate he saw the other day and what he ate for dinner last night. He loves to text you and what he texts are often the almost irrelevant things. This is a huge indicator of him falling for you. He is beginning to see you as an important part of his life, if not he wouldn’t feel the need to talk about the mundane with you. You’re worth it, so he wants to share those silly details of his life with you.

You only text like this, when you can’t wait to talk to someone. A hookup should only text when an arrangement is supposed to happen. Not texting to say good morning, texting to be the last person to say goodnight.

If you find yourself waiting for his texts or are constantly sharing funny memes as well, this can be a sign that someone is catching feelings.

3. They want to know more
He pays attention to every little details of your little and great everyday achievement. He is always there to applaud and cheer you up. If this sounds similar then you are more than just a hookup buddy to him. it is gradually leaving the fling level.
If she tries to indulge in your hobbies and is always curious, then this could be it. Usually, her interest in your hobbies might indicate that there’s care beneath the bedroom.
Having something unique to bond over indicates that you guys are already a lot into each other and the connection is deep.

4. A lot of calls
People are very busy these days, for someone to always find time to call you, means they took time to think about you. Someone who is really into you will come up with a million and one reasons, why they need to talk to you all the time.

Someone is catching feelings and becoming very comfortable around you. If you can’t stay off your phone log because of your fling, watch your feelings, something is happening there.

More than Just a Fling: 20 Glaring Signs Feelings are Involved

5. They want you to meet their friends
When you’re casually dating someone and it’s clear to both of you that it’s just fun and has an expiration date, chances are, you’re not going to introduce each other to your friends. It’s not really worth it for anyone to get to know each other. But if they invite you to group outings, then they are most likely planning on sticking around. They want you to be a part of their life. Friends are a big part of our lives and people can only let you around them when they feel like you are special in some way or they want to get their opinion about you.

6. Their friends have heard about you
If you’re introduced to their friends and they already know about you, it means they’re pretty into you. You have to be excited about someone to go telling your friends about them. It’s definitely serious for them if their friends already know about what you do and how you met.

7. Sleepovers
No sleepover with a fling, it is called a casual relationship for a reason. If you two are already having this habit, then it could be a sign for more.

8. You guys cuddle lots
When you’re in bed together, the cuddles feel more than comfort-seeking. You can feel their muscles tense as they hold you tight. It’s almost as if they’re trying to say the words with their arms. They want you to know that they’re not just draping an arm around you, they’re holding you close and keeping too. Cuddling comes with the territory of hanging out. It is the best way to show affection and get high on dopamine. Instead of always rocking the boards, you guys find time to often cuddle. Then it might mean that one of you, if not both, are way into something deeper than just a fling and enjoys the time spent together.

9. They get nervous
Do they get nervous around you? Are they clumsy and cute around you? Then you are indeed wrecking them into romance. When someone starts turning beet red, stammering, and giggling, just a bit off balance and are always trying to be their best when they are with you, then it is obviously a sign that they are putty in your paws.

10. They Don’t Mind PDA 
If they love holding your hands in movie theatres and during walks or playing romantic with you outside. This might mean that they don’t care about a thing when they are with you and they are proud of the connection they have with you. They just want to be close to you. They want to savor the moment with you and may even want others to see it.
Sincerely, I find holding hands in public quite beautiful, a little PDA personally heals a soul.  So, if this is something you can relate with, then someone has already fallen hard for you.

11. Care and Kindness
If he is the one you call in the middle of an emotional instability or car break down, then the bond is deeper than you think. If he has taken a day off to be with you when you needed him, there has to be something more than the sheets. This guy truly cares for you.
Men are pretty simple creatures, but the only issue is that they aren’t really vocal. Being caring and protective Is their way to show that they love you.

12. A Good Stare
Body language experts can actually tell how deeply in love a couple is by just how often they maintain eye contact. When you two are together, you often glance up to see them discreetly looking at you in a beautiful way, you notice that they linger when you make eye contact. They are watching you while you’re talking to other people. If they are this tuned into you, they are definitely holding more than casual feelings.

13. Either or both of you have started seeking opportunities to hang more often.
Casual flings aren’t usually the type of relationships that require you to spend time with one another outside of having sex. If it’s beginning to turn into something more than that, you may find yourself looking for more reasons to hang out with your fling. 
It’s an especially strong sign of affection and romantic interest when the person you’re seeing cancels other plans to spend time with you. This is especially beautiful because they are happy doing it. They are happy to give up something just to spend time with you; they can easily cancel schedule just to be with you. They have got it bad already. It’s a huge sign.

14. They remember small little things about you. 
He Is it weird that he knows how you like your coffee and how you got that scar on your right lap. You have spent time together, telling stories and enjoying each other’s company. You’ve learned a lot about each other along the way and they remember every little detail. This is a big indicator that someone is falling for you because if you didn’t matter, they wouldn’t care.

15. They start ending other relationship
If they mention that they stopped talking to other people, they are definitely got it for you. Sure, you two may not have talked about getting serious yet, but they are already feeling like they want the course to steer that way. They are telling you this because they want you to know that you’re the only one for them right now. You don’t need to be told that this is a sign.

16. They always want to know how spent your day
They want to know if your boss was nicer to you than they were the day before. They want to know if the repair man ever came to fix that pipe. They listen, they pay attention and they like to be involved about the little things in your life, too. They’re invested in your life. If someone begins wanting to hang out outside of your hookups, they could be falling for you.

17. He keeps mentioning commitment
Beyond not talking to other relationships, they also mention committing to each other. Sometimes they say it passively and other times they say it with a joking tone. Don’t be tricked, they mean it all the time. It is an indicator.

18. The dates are slowly escalating
At first, it was just the chill-with-me booty call. You understood it was a booty call. Now, they are asking you to drop by as they are cooking or having friends over. After that, they are talking about going out to a museum with you. This a telltale.

19. You’ve developed pet names for one another
Pet names are a significant sign of affection. When you are in a relationship, developing pet names for your significant other can be seen as sweet and cute. In a casual fling, however, that may seem a little unusual and clingy. It could also be another glaring sign that they are ready to turn your fling into something real.  

20. Sex is more comfortable between the two of you
The nature of the sex you are having has changed. Sex with a fling can usually cause you to go out of the way to make it an incredible experience. When it’s turning into something more, you will be just as comfortable having sex with them as a couple who has been together for years.

You now leave your underwear on the floor and they pick them up without a second thought. The comfort zone has moved to the bedroom. Your fling just became a ‘real’ thing.

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