Revenge porn is a term people give to non-consensual nude-sharing, because of partners or exes who share someone’s nude without their consent, in a bid to shame them after relationship gone sour. Sending nudes can be fun, engaging, spontaneous and of course tempting until something bad happens.

Haven your nude go viral on the internet without your consent, is not something anyone should go through. It could be very traumatizing. Those are nudes you took out of fun, love and a little craziness, only made for the person you sent them to.

If we are in a perfect world, filled with sane and perfect people, you can send as much sexy and nude photos or videos, without worrying that it could enter the wrong hands, either when you mistakenly hit the wrong button or leaked online without your consent. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world with crazy and imperfect people, things are bound to go wrong sometimes, if you don’t follow some explicit rules that guide sending nudes the right way, without getting burned.

How To Send Nudes Without Getting Burned

Sending nudes used to be such a bad thing to do, anyone who does it did it secretly, but things changed. People realized that sexting was such a hot way for foreplay, which led to almost everyone doing it, then puffs! leaked nudes became common on the internet. 

If you really want to send him a picture of that your birth-suit that you’re so proud of, by all means, go ahead, but just make sure to follow these safe rules first.

1. Why Do You Want To Send Nudes? 
Why are you thinking of sending nudes? Is it because you want to? Or just to get someone’s attention? Or because someone is making you feel guilty for not sending nudes to him?

Sending nudes should be something you do in your own comfort zone, because you want, not because of someone else. Nobody is worthy of making you feel nervous or pressured into it. If you are not feeling comfortable sending them photos, do not do it. You don’t want to do something you will regret later.

12 Rules To Sending Nudes Without Getting Burned 1

Most importantly, you should know that you don’t owe anyone anything. Never feel like you have to send someone nudes. The right guy won’t mount pressure on you to send nudes, and when you finally meet the right guy, you would want to send sexy messages and pictures by yourself. It should be something you do naturally. The last thing you want is to send the nude and feel bad about it, by then, you can’t undo your wrong.

2. Do You Trust The Person You’re Sending It To?
Another important question to clear for yourself is if you really think you can trust your recipient with such sensitive images of you? Are they the kind of person who would save the photo and potentially spread it, if things go odd? Or are they people who respect the space and boundaries of others. To answer these questions, think about how they handle a fight, and how they react to anger or revenge now that things are still cozy. 

If you don’t have clear answers to these questions, maybe you should hold on for the nudes for now. Take your time and study them, be sure to gratify these questions to be on the safe side and have peace of mind while sexting. Don’t rush into this.

3. Crop Your Face Out
Keeping your face out is safer for the obvious reason. No one can tell that it’s you and it has the advantage of adding a little mystery to things. When your face is cropped out, it removes the focus from you and place it on your intended message and leave some room for more interpretation. 

Don’t show your face unless you really trust the person or it is a long term relationship like marriage. But it is still safer to crop your face out and save yourself for situations when someone gets hold of your partner’s phone and gain access to your nudes. I’m just saying that sometimes things don’t go as we intended, it could enter the wrong hands or whatever other horrible tragedy that can happen and get sent around. Unless you don’t care about it, and then, by all means, go for it.

4. Delete Your Photo’s Metadata
Photos taken with any device, whether with a phone, tablet, or digital camera store the EXIF (exchangeable image file) data, EXIF data include GPS coordinates, the date and time the photo was taken, the camera ID, settings, and thumbnail image and description. This practically makes it possible and very easy to tie you to your photo, even with your face cropped out. This is why knowing and following this rule is a must for everyone with an interest in sexting or sharing nudes. So, if you care enough not to want people to know where and when your nudes were taken, be sure to delete your device data, before hitting the share button.

5. Set Your Own Boundaries
Who said nudes are only when you are completely naked? A sexy photo of you in a bra and pant is nudes too. Don’t go fully naked. I bet you really don’t want to send a full-frontal, totally-naked shot to someone, no, you don’t. You can start with just a nipple or just the suggestion of boobs with a bare shoulder. You don’t have to be completely naked to be nude. Don’t feel like you need to do more. You are in charge in this game. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing, know your own limit, set your boundary to your comfort zone. Sending a nude photo, where you are not totally in your birth-suit, can actually be way sexier than baring it much most times. Try a sexy pose in your underwear only or a really sexy bathing suit. Leave the rest to the imagination. This oftentimes, gets guys more excited than the other way round.

12 Rules To Sending Nudes Without Getting Burned 2

6. Use The Right App.
Using the right app is key in sending nudes. There are some apps that can actually help to protect sender information. Apps that let you store private photos and videos on your phone. So, you don’t need to use your gallery. Anyone can open your gallery any time, or you don’t want to start hiding your phone from your friends and family because of nudes. It could come off to some people like you are into some illegitimate business. These special apps were built with nudes sharing in focus, they will keep those nudes password-protected. Snapchat can also work, but people can take screenshots, and you know it’s already a potential risk.

However, no matter what apps you use to actually send sensitive images, the safest way to sext are to send nudes only to people you really and really trust.

7. Get Your Collateral.
Don’t send nude photos without receiving one, possibly receive first. Even if you don’t really care about seeing a dick photo, still, make him go through the effort, at least for three reasons. The first is to just make him jump through hoops. The second is to know the intentions of the person you are sending nude photos of you to. And the third reason is that you will also have something on him, should he wants to or do something with your nudes without your consent. If a man requesting for your nudes finds it hard sending you his, it is a clear sign that something may be wrong. Never send nudes without asking for collateral and in this case, a return nude photo of your recipient. Sharing nude photos should never be a one-way thing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

8. Check Your Lighting and Angle
Lighting is key and knowing your best angle is a great compliment. A piece of advice; don’t use full light and don’t use the flash. Try natural light instead of harsh fluorescent light.

Know your angle. Which side do you look your best? Your left or right side? Always aim to show off your best angle. If you must do nudes, send your best self, accentuate your best assets. Someone said “an angled body tends to look slimmer and more flattering” and I totally agree.

9. Give Your Sender Compliments.
This is good courtesy and politeness. Make sure to pay your sender/recipient compliments, If you receive nudes back from someone. You must know that it took a lot of courage, risk and time to prepare the lighting and angle. So, give a genuine compliment to your sender/recipient you will also appreciate a compliment if you are given one. They will appreciate it too. 

10. Delete The Photos.
Just the same way that you would not want someone to keep your nude photos, that is the same way, you should also not keep theirs. Unless of course you want them to, delete nudes of yourself and other people on your phone immediately. You should also request that they delete yours immediately after your sexting. Yes, I understand the temptation to want to keep it and look at them every once in a while, but sweetheart, the safer thing to do is to delete them. A lost phone can result in your nudes being in the hands of the wrong person and you don’t want that to happen. As some further layer of security, save all nudes in a safe app, under lock and key.

11. You Can Take Nudes Just For You.
It is fun and intriguing to know that, you don’t have to do nudes only when you are sending them to someone. You can do anything you want with them. You can simply do it just for fun, for your own pleasure. However, do not lose guard on the privacy and safety rules, because, whether you are sending them to someone or you are doing it just for your personal fun, it can still enter the wrong hands. You could press the wrong button, have your phone stolen or even hacked. 

Rules to sending nude photos online

12. Treat Your Partner With Respect
If you have done this before, you will agree with me that sending nudes doesn’t come easy to do for most of us, especially if you are trying it for the very first time. We face and conquer our fears, we take the risk of being liked or not and most importantly, we literally trust someone with our vulnerability. It is a huge risk. This is why you need to treat the other person with respect and kindness. It’s not easy showing your naked body on camera. So, let’s have a little respect for each other.

13. Trust Your Conscience
Yes, very important. Check yourself again. Before you hit the send button, what is your conscience saying? Do you feel good and comfortable? Do you feel awkward, like something is not right or that you are missing something in the picture? Whatever it is your conscience is telling you, you really should to listen to it and do something about it. It could be really hard to put the emotions aside but try to before sending nudes. 

14. Know The Law
Knowing the person you are sending or receiving nude photos to or from, is very important. You don’t want to do something with underage teenagers, that can be a very serious crime. In most countries, when you are found having a nude photo of someone who’s 17 years old or younger is considered child pornography and you could be jailed for it. You need to know who you’re sending and receiving nudes from. You don’t need to put yourself into serious trouble because you sent or received nudes from a child. This is why you don’t need to send nudes to someone you just met. Age always matters when it comes to sharing nude photos.

Now, that you have these safety nudes rules, you can go for it. Have some fun sexting!

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